The Mummy!


The Mummy

Monogram reissue of Aurora model.

When you think of Egypt you have to think of mummies. Universal Studios introduced a generation of boys to a walking mummy and we never even noticed it was a love story. Boris Karloff once again lumbered around, this time wrapped in gauze. We ate it up.

This model is a great design of the Mummy. First put out by Aurora way back when, it has been reissued sporadically over the years - in fact a great reissue in imitation Aurora long box hit the TRU stores just last year.

I used flat white for the bandages and a brown wash to show detail. The challenge is to add color to the overall model, and I did that by using yellow on the ruins and bringing out the carvings. A darker pink sand and a visit to the library to see what color to paint a cobra, and we have this final result. Ignore the painting instructions that show him to have a bleeding right eye: everyone knows mummies have dried-out blood. I did notice on taking these pictures that I should have spent a little more time with the putty. You can still see the seams that run up the legs. This was an earlier effort; today I know to spend more time on this step.

This is a good model for beginners and takes limited painting.  I mixed a little glow-in-the-dark varnish in with the white for the bandages, and now he glows real good when the lights are out. Cool!

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