Phantom of the Opera!


Phantom of the Opera
Monogram reissue of old Aurora model.

Let's face it, not the scariest "monster" movie ever made by Universal. In fact, not really a monster movie at all. The whole thing boiled down to the few minutes when the guy finally got his mask taken off.

The model is cool, however. If you find an old one it's always missing the mask, and the old Testers enamels never did do it justice. I was glad to do one using the kind of paints I would have killed for as a boy.

I try to get the "texture" of what I'm painting correct, meaning cloth gets flat paint and damp rocks are gloss. You can't see the ate-up guy in the cellar very well in the picture, unfortunately.

I again did a "glow in the dark" treatment on the flesh and mask, my little tribute to the old line of Aurora models.

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