Pirates of the Caribbean


"Hoist High the Jolly Roger"
MPC, 1972

"Arggh, Matey! If ye be after me gold dubloons, ye be walkin' the plank for sure"! Heehee, I just love those old pirate stories. Of course, the real pirates were actually thieves who eventually hung for their crimes, but when have we let reality get in the way of a good story?


If you only build Aurora models, you're missing out on some other pretty interesting kits, such as this Disney series. There were 5 different kits, the others had skeletons doing various things. They all had "zap action", where an inner rubber band contraption caused some movement when a button was pushed.

This particular kit is the only one I know of in the series that includes an alternate head for a live pirate. The arm swings down when the button is pushed. I built the little swinging contraption into him but will probably never wind it up, if the rubber band breaks it'll be a super pain to fix. Don't use straight silver paint for the steel, instead mix a little black in with the silver and apply over a flat black base coat, you'll get that perfect look. A little detail painting and you'll have a cute little guy ready to rip your heart out over a treasure chest.

"Now, ye scurvey rats, I be the captain here, and don't ye forget it"! Man, I love that talk.

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