The Forgotten Prisoner

Polar Lights reissue of old Aurora model

The full name is "The Forgotten Prisoner of Castel Mare". If you're looking for the movie or story that inspired this model, forget it. This was a production straight out of the minds of the Aurora sculpters and tied in with a contest of some sort from a Famous Monsters magazine. This is another reissue by the Polar Lights company, and you should snatch one of these kits and stash it away for later, even if you don't plan on building it right away.

I didn't do a whole lot of extra work on this one. I carved and added a bit of backbone to the head, instead of just attaching the skull to the shackle. I carved some of the chest area, also. I moved the accessories around a little bit, even sticking that snake inside the guy's pants. The one area that will give you fits is having the guy's feet stand flat on the ground with the chains attached - he wants to stand on one leg and it's impossible to correct this as it's supposed to be built. You could replace the solid chain pieces with plastic chain, or do like I did, and move the leg shackle to the other leg.

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