Ra (of Stargate)


Ra, The Absolute Ruler of Abydos (from Stargate)
MRC, 1994

Not a bad movie, combining the exotic Egyption look with hard-core Sci-fi.  Of course it wasn't a box-office smash, and the action figures gathered dust on the store shelves, but at least there were a couple of nice plastic kits for us builders.   This one is of Ra, the alien ruler.  The other kit was of a guard.  Easy to assemble, after all there are only 10 pieces, including the base.  That means you can get to the fun painting stage pretty quick.  This model is full of detail molded into the plastic, you'll get a lot of practice using the drybrush method to get it to stand out.  I tried something new, used sandstone textured paint from a craft store for the center of the base, and it came out great.  If  I ever do another Aurora Mummy I'm going to use this stuff for the sand.

The rest of the paint job is simply taking your time, and for the fine detail like the designs on his robe, going back in after the drybrush and trimming everything up.  This model has some of the best work on the back of his robe, so I'll cruise the dollar stores for one of those "lazy susans" to put under the base that will allow me to spin him around.

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