Robin, the Boy Wonder

Robin, the Boy Wonder
Revell reissue of old Aurora model

OK, so you're spending your nights putting on a bat costume and getting shot at by villians.  Of course the first thing you'd want to do is go find a kid to drag along with you.  Robin has my vote for the goofiest costume ever conceived by the DC comic artists.  I mean, elf shoes and what looks like a green diaper just isn't going to inspire fear in the hearts of evil doers everywhere.

This reissue by Revell of the old Aurora model was exclusive to Toys R Us, and is identical to the last, 1985 Superpowers issue.  This means there have been some changes in the molding since the old Aurora days, for instance the head was replaced (I like the new ome better) and some details are missing from the background, like the START/STOP lettering.  For a more detailed side-by-side comparison between this model and the original click HERE

The fit is pretty good on this model - in fact I assembled and painted the arms and head, and then glued them to the main body and didn't need to use the putty at all in these joints. I mixed silver and grey for the base, and kept the doodads pretty much as instructed in the painting instructions.  Painting lab glassware has always left us with limited choices, the traditional way to indicate "clear" is to just do it in white, and some beakers can look good in a metal finish.  One piece clear plastic would be great, but only on the Bride did Aurora supply any clear parts at all.

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