Ed Roth Rat Fink Models

(right) Angel Fink  
(below) Robin Hood Fink with Outlaw.

Revell reissues of 1960's models designed by Ed "Big Daddy" Roth.

Big Daddy Roth was a cult figure for a certain group of kids, the ones who spent hours doodling stupid looking monsters in wild cartoon hot rods when they should have been listening in class.  The Rat Fink icon became known to everyone, but what isn't so well known is that Ed Roth was one of the pioneers of using fiberglass to create totally wild and custom hot rods.  His official page can be found at Rat Fink Home Page  


His first and most famous car actually built was called The Outlaw, that's the car Robin Hood Fink is driving, with the addition of funky deformed wheels.  It's an accurate model, and tough to put together.  The model makers assumed we kids wanted to put over 20 tiny pieces together just to make the engine!  Definitely not one for beginners. Working with all those tiny little chrome pieces showed me I need new glasses, it's time for bifocals.  I don't do a lot of cars anymore, but there's some great old funny cars and wild custom jobs being reissued that I'm going be picking up. 

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