Rube Goldberg Baby Feeder

Automatic Baby Feeder (Rube Goldberg)
Multiple Toymakers, 1965

After a really intense session with something like a rebuild, I like to pick through my stash and work on an "easy" model, or maybe just something a little different.  This model certainly fits both categories.  For those mainly younger folks, Rube Goldberg was a cartoonist who had these drawings in the newspapers that showed wild contraptions.  The Mouse Trap game, a favorite of us kids back then, was inspired by these designs.

This one is an Automatic Baby Feeder.  Multiple Toymakers released 4 different kits, with titles like Painless False Teeth Extractor and Signal for Shipwrecked Sailors.   They appear regularly on Ebay for sale, and you can usually get them cheap.  Model builders just don't know what to think of these kits, they don't really fit into any category.

As for the kit itself, it contains simple parts that are designed to be viewed only from the front (the sword swallower has a hollow back).  I used bold primary colors, and made sure any moving parts didn't get gummed up with the paint.  This one has a stainless steel ball bearing that drops into the catcher's mit, and the action is started by pushing the sword into the guy's mouth.  I had to fiddle with the yellow post to get the ball to roll out, but after that it worked just fine.   

So if you want to try something different once in a while, you might pick up one of these.  

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