When we last left our teenage hero and his trusty dog, I had reduced their scene to a pile of parts.  I removed the head, one arm, and the cape from young Kent, there was no need to take the rest of him apart.  I had to do a severe chop job to get the head and cape off, requiring some careful putty work later.  The cave was removed by slicing through the glue around the base, but the dragon's feet were really welded to the base, so he stayed right where he belonged.  Neither could I get the dragon apart. I ended up breaking half his head off at the neck to get access inside his mouth.

I first do a lot of grinding and sanding to get the old glue off the parts, you can't cement or paint over the stuff and in this case it was smeared everywhere.  Some reassembly went smoothly, for instance the dog was easy.  The dragon was pried apart, sandpaper slipped into the seams and when the joints were cleaned it was easy to reglue.  A little sanding and putty on Superboy's body, and he was ready for the first paint job.

I painted the famous big "S" on both the capes and Superboy's chest by hand, that's the reason I had to remove the kid's right arm.  I do a lot of drawing, so I just dug out a comic book and used a permanent black marker for the lines.  You might find it easier if you cut out a template first, to get the overall shape and size correct.  The model did have some "peel and stick" decals still on it, pretty hokey looking.  I did learn you can't drink three cups of coffee and then expect to do this kind of detail painting - you need a steady hand.

I had to reconstruct part of the cape around the neckline, several layers of putty and sanding.  The cape has to go on before the head since it wraps around the neck, and to keep it glued down you should brace it with some putty underneath where it's hidden.  Too many times these break off, no matter how good the glue job.

As you can see, fixing a model this way is a real pain in the you-know-what.  I think it's worth it, especially for the models that you normally couldn't find or afford.  After one of these I'm pretty burnt out, it's time to take a break and start looking at the models I have stashed in boxes.  

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