1978 Monogram reissue of Aurora model.

What can I say about this guy? Books have been written about this American cultural icon. The first issue comic book he ever appeared in is worth, like, a bazillion dollars. Hey, we all know slicking back his hair and putting on glasses would only make him look like Superman with glasses and greasy hair, not a smart disguise. This is comic books, however. The old TV series was a favorite of us baby boomers. The movie series had a great Superman, but the writing surprise there.

Anyway, this model was one of the "must have"s of my generation. The old kit I nabbed at a flea market didn't have decals, so I painted the big "S" on his cape and chest (came out better, anyway). I always paint these superheros to match my old comic books, so I had plenty of reference material. To be honest, I have to admit I don't buy those titles anymore. I'm more into the Vertigo titles now, like Hellblazer. I do have boxes of the old comics to paw through for reference.

The cape is always falling off these figures, so I took some putty and made a brace up under the neck where it can't be seen. Flat blue for the outfit (at one time it was indestructible, supposed to be made from a baby blanket he was wrapped in on the trip here, believe it or not). This is another model kit that was recently reissued, exclusive to Toys R Us.

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