Six Million Dollar Man: Jaws of Doom


Six Million Dollar Man, "Jaws of Doom"
1975, by Fundimensions

Am I the only one who wondered why, when the Bionic Man grabbed a speeding car or something, it didn't tear that bionic arm off his shoulder? Oh, I loved the show as well as the spinoff "Bionic Woman". A lot of milage out of show-motion and one stupid sound effect (I can still hear that sound).

Fundimensions made 4 different models of this guy, including one called "Fight for Survival" that shows him beating up on a Gorilla. They also made a Bionic Woman model.

My only problem with this kit was the lack of detail on the head: it looked more like Charlie Brown than Steve. Had to do some carving on the hairline to give it some shape. Great scene, however.

Ever noticed how Steve never got his hair messed up, even when running 60 miles per hour?

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