TARZAN (Aurora Comic Scenes)


Aurora Comic Scenes, 1974

Back in the days before cable TV, VCRs, and even video games we kids actually (gasp) had to read a book just for the enjoyment of it. This guy named Edgar Rice Burroughs wrote a series of books about this man raised by apes who became king of the jungle, a guy named Tarzan. I recommend reading the books. I love watching the old movies, and wish one day I'd catch someone asking Tarzan why he named a monkey "Cheetah".

The Aurora Comic Scene series consisted of 8 of our heroes, reissued kits that included such favorites as Superman and Batman. The box included a little comic book with one page supposed to be used as a "3-d action display mural", a really stupid idea.

The model is pretty straight-forward. Take your time on the assembly and get rid of all the mold lines on Tarzan, you want him to be smooth. I brought out the muscles by adding red to the flesh tone for a base coat, then dry-brushing the lighter flesh paint on. I still used "suntan" shade, the guy is naked under a jungle sun a lot.  I also gave him a light shine to simulate sweaty skin (he's just wrestled a lion under the hot African sun!)

The lion is dark brown with golden brown dry-brushed. When I first finished him my wife said "that's nice, but why is he green?" You see, one of my limitations I have to work with is a red-green color blindness. The brown and yellow I mixed somehow came out the wrong color. So the lion was completely redone, with more yellow added to the mix for each dry-brush coat to add depth.

Anyway, another model to put in my display cabinet, and a pretty unusual one at that. Somehow in today's politically correct world I can't see a mainstream company putting out a model showing a lion with a bloody knife sticking out of it's ribs.  On the other hand, there are some pretty strange action figures being sold right now.  You just never know.

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