Grave of Ske-Dans


Grave of Ske-Dans (totem pole)
Hawk, 1966

The most enduring images of the Native American tribes are feather headdresses, teepees, and totem poles. As far as I can tell (I'm not an expert) the totem poles were mainly used by the Northwest tribes that spent more time fishing than chasing after herds of Buffalo. OK, so it's not a very exciting model. As a boy I remember being fascinated by the whole "indian" thing, and fantasized about living the life of a young brave. I suspect the real experience would have been something else, entirely.

The Hawk company produced a set of four different totem poles, not their most noted or popular series. This one stands over 14 inches tall, and consisted of about 18 pieces and a large sheet of decals. I used a few of the decals when I got bored with the model, but most of the detail I just painted following the box art. Use a final coat of flat clear over the decals to seal them and cut out the shine, by the way

Maybe not the most dynamic model to build, but where else on the net are you going to find a picture of this thing?

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