Salem Witch
Aurora, 1965

From the Greek tales to modern television shows, the witch legends have been with us as long as there's been story tellers.  Aurora stopped producing this kit after the 1972 glow version, and apparently the molds no longer exist, so it's one of the rare ones. Once again, Polar Lights did a great reissue last year, so this is one to snatch up while supplies last. Since there's lots of little parts that tend to get lost, complete old buildups can be just as hard to find.   If you get an incomplete buildup, locating the missing parts can be even harder! 

I picked this one up relatively cheap, it was missing a whole lot of parts.  I'd like to start by thanking my good internet buddy Jim for being generous enough to send me most of what I needed.  That still left several important missing pieces, not to mention the Witch's left little finger was broken off and I had to carve a new one and glue it in place.  I also had to carve a new tassel on her left side.   There were several good pictures of the model on various websites to go by that helped in the restore work.  I've included a page on rebuilding this one in my tips section, perhaps you can try to guess the home-built parts before going there. 
I took my time on this one, and put a lot of detail into painting the model.  I used all Delta Creamcoat acrylic paints straight from a craft store, and the different finishes were all water based poly from a hardware store.

Anyway, the Salem Witch fills an important hole in my classic Aurora monsters.  Polar Lights will soon be doing a reissue of this one, so don't tear apart that mint in box example you paid a fortune to get just to have one built.  I managed to get her completely done for a grand total of $40.00, not bad for this old miser.  When you consider a complete built example occasionally comes up on ebay for the same cost of one new resin or vinyl kit, these classic Aurora models really are a good buy.

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