Wolverine (Toy Biz)

Marvel Wolverine
Toy Biz, 1996

Wolverine was introduced as one of the "New Xmen" when Marvel felt the need to update an old standard.  He soon became one of the more popular characters in the Marvel universe.  He's gone through several costume changes since first introduced, but remains basically a scrappy fighter with mutant beast like characteristics and an enhanced healing factor.  Those retractable claws are his main weapon, and he likes to use them.

This is one of the level 2 (intermediate) models of the Toy Biz series.  It's a nice pose, and simple but effective base, but as usual a lot of work has to be done on the fit.  Take a tip from me, and cut or grind off the locating tabs on the neck, arms, and legs before you glue those on.  Then take a file or sandpaper and create two flat surfaces to join his body parts together.  You'll still need putty, but at least not a whole tube of the stuff.  

For the paint job, I wanted the muscles to show on the yellow of the outfit, so I started with a black basecoat and then built up lots of thin layers of yellow.  This was all done with craft acrylic paint, using final clear coats of flat or satin as needed.  For the base, I did the ground with an application of sandstone textured paint, then various washes and drybrush.  The kit does not include the decals for the caution stripes or lettering on the futuristic door that is pictured on the box, you could locate something suitable but I just left it a simple metallic paint job with a couple of details.

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