Pulp Heroes


King of Fang and Claw . . Bob Byrd

Chapter I: Heart of Darkness
Chapter II: The Jungle Talks
Chapter III: Marooned
Chapter IV: The Jungle Takes Its Toll
Chapter V: The End of the Rains
Chapter VI: The Storm
Chapter VII: Zar the Mighty
Chapter VIII: An Arrow Starts a Feud
Chapter IX: Murder in the Jungle
Chapter X: Ka-Zar, Brother of Zar
Chapter XI: Trajah the Elephant
Chapter XII: Bardak the Troublemaker
Chapter XIII: Trajah Comes for Help
Chapter XIV: Jungle Mystery
Chapter XV: Mark of the Leopard
Chapter XVI: Return of the Oman
Chapter XVII: Outcast
Chapter XVIII: Flowers on a Grave
Chapter XIX: Greed and Death
Chapter XX: Nono, the Wise One
Chapter XXI: Ka-Zar the Mighty

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