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Family History

Generation No. 1
1. Thomas BRIMIGION was possibly born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania around 1754 to Samuel and Mary Brimigion. During his lifetime he was a soldier in the Massachusetts Company Line under Capt. Daniel Lane, under regiment command of Col. Ichabod Alden during the Revolutionary War from 1775 to 1783. He was first married to Ruth Unknown, though the date of marriage, as well as her last name is currently unknown. Together they had eight children. Ruth passed away on 15 January 1844 in Bowdoin, Maine at the age of 76. Thomas passed away on 17 December 1843 in Bowdoin, Maine. Thomas and Ruth are buried in Woodlawn Cemetery, Bowdoin, Maine.
Children of Thomas BRIMIGION and Ruth UNKNOWN are:
* 2. i. Samuel J. BRIMIGION was born 25 August 1785 in Bowdoin, Maine, and died 30 June 1873 in West Bowdoin, Maine.
  3. ii. William BRIMIGION was born 28 August 1789 and died 15 December 1860.
  4. iii. Phebe BRIMIGION was born 26 April 1793.
  5. iv. Ruth BRIMIGION was born 10 October 1798.
  6. v. Hannah BRIMIGION was born 11 November 1803.
  7. vi. Thomas BRIMIGION, Jr. was born 5 April 1806 and he died at the age of 44 years old. His wife Eliza, died on 8 August 1883 at the age of 73. She is buried in Woodlawn Cemetery, West Bowdoin, Maine.
  8. vii. Betty BRIMIGION was born 29 May 1807.
  9. viii. Job BRIMIGION was born 28 February 1810.

Generation No. 2
2. Samuel J. BRIMIGION was born 25 Aug 1785 in Bowdoin, Maine. He married Mary Unknown however, the date of marriage and her birth is currently unknown. Together they had three children. and She possibly died in child birth on 13 April 1813. Samuel later re-married Martha Unknown and they had one child. No information is currently known on Martha. Samuel passed away on 30 June 1873 at the age of 87 in West Bowdoin, Maine.
Children of Samuel J. BRIMIGION and Mary UNKNOWN are:
  10. i. William BRIMIGION was born 9 Jul 1807 and died on 17 Sep 1856 in Bowdoin, Maine. He is buried in South Cemetery, Bowdoin, Maine.
* 11. ii. Stephen P. BRIMIGION was born 22 Jul 1809 in China, Maine.
  12. iii. Hiram BRIMIGION was born 13 Apr 1813.
Children of Samuel J. BRIMIGION and Martha UNKNOWN are:
  13. i. Robert BRIMIGION was born 2 Jan 1815.

Generation No. 3
11. Stephen P. BRIMIGION was born 22 July 1809 in China, Maine. He married Hannah H. HANSON on 29 October 1829. She was born around 1811. Together they had six children. Death information for both is currently unknown.
Children of Stephen P. BRIMIGION and Hannah H. HANSON are:
* 14. i. Caleb Hanson BRIMIGION was born 18 Nov 1829 in China, Maine, and died Aug 1908 in Avon, Maine.
  15. ii. London BRIMIGION was born 1832.
  16. iii. Samuel BRIMIGION was born 1834.
  17. iv. Sarah Jane BRIMIGION was born 1840.
  18. v. Angeline BRIMIGION was born 1842.
  19. vi. William BRIMIGION was born 1848.

Generation No. 4
14. Caleb Hanson BRIMIGION was born 18 November 1829 in China, Maine. He was a farmer and later married Eunice Frye BRALEY on 31 July 1852 in Rockland, Maine. She was born on 22 October 1829 in China, Maine. Together they had six children. He passed away on 16 August 1908 in Avon, Maine. She died on 1918 in Avon, Maine. Both are buried in the Mile Square Cemetery, Avon, Maine.
Children of Caleb Hanson BRIMIGION and Eunice Frye BRALEY are:
  20. i. George A. BRIMIGION was born 16 Nov 1855, and died 31 Aug 1887 and is currently buried in the Mile Square Cemetery in Avon, Maine.
  21. ii. Cara Ella BRIMIGION was born 23 Jan 1858, and died 1952.
  22. iii. Charles Fremont BRIMIGION was born 1 Apr 1862, and died 23 Feb 1863.
* 23. iv. Thurlow Weed BRIMIGION was born 23 Feb 1869 in Madrid, Maine and died 14 Mar 1937 in Coplin Plantation, Maine.
  24. v. Gertrude Angie BRIMIGION was born 23 Feb 1875.
  25. vi. Charles BRIMIGION.

Generation No. 5
23. Thurlow Weed BRIMIGION, M.D. was born 23 February 1869 in Madrid, Maine. After graduating from Medical School at Bowdoin College in 1893, he married Mary Abbie KINCAID, daughter of Gideon Toothacker KINCAID and Grace Irene DUDLEY, on 3 September 1893 in Brunswick, Maine. She was born 25 June 1859 in Brunswick, Maine. Together they had two children. She passed away on 29 March 1934 in Coplin Planatation, Maine. He died, committing suicide in his barn by hanging, on 14 March 1937 in Coplin Planatation, Maine. Both are buried in the Mile Square Cemetery, Avon, Maine.
Children of Thurlow Weed BRIMIGION and Mary Abbie KINCAID are:
* 26. i. Marguerite Mary BRIMIGION was born 5 January 1895 in W. New Portland, Maine, and died 4 September 1941 in South Paris, Maine. She married William Leighton FROTHINGHAM 3 November 1917 in Lewiston, Maine. She was a Registered Nurse and graduated from CMG School of Nursing in Lewiston, Maine. He was born 1 Dec 1893 in South Paris, Maine, and died 25 Dec 1936 in South Paris, Maine. Both are buried in the Riverside Cemetery in South Paris, Maine.
  27. ii. Kenneth Iverson BRIMIGION was born 23 December 1900 in Stratton, Maine and died 9 December 1954 in Randolph, Maine. He married Margaret Louise POTTER on 24 July 1923 in Kingfield, Maine. He is buried in Mile Square Cemetery, Avon, Maine.

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  • Vital Records to 1892
  • Bowdoin, Maine
    (Vol 1 Births; Vol 2 Births & Deaths; Vol 3 Marriages)
  • Reference Book
  • Cemetery Inscriptions & Revolutionary, War of 1812
    & Civil War Veterans of Bowdoin, Maine
    Copies of all documents available upon request

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