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Need tracing or photocopy of printed part sheets for 36" F4U Corsair, Kit #FS-36. I have a butchered kit i wish to finnish and get flying.

Frank Scalzo (02/02/2008 02:09:03)


My first U-Control was the .35 powered Ringmaster profile. Body was a plank with an easy to build wing. The kit sold for a whopping $3.50 and the "new" McCoy .35 with offset glo plug went for $5.95. If I remember correctly, it came with a diecut 1/8" plywood bellcrank.. which was useless. After this, I went "big time" to the Super Ringmaster. Very expensive at $5.00. This was the same as the profile model, but had a built up body. And, I almost always broke the balsa wood bending it over the top in front of the cockpit. These planes were easy to fly and sometimes easy to fix after a crash or two. I covered the wings with silk and clear dope. Silk was $1.00 per sq. yard, Aerogloss clear, $3.00 a quart. Ringmasters..lots of great times.

jlaporte (02/02/2008 10:12:16)


i fell in love with the ringmaster while stationed in the Panama Canal Zone. A fellow airmen there and I got our first planes at a local club, and we spent as many hours as possible flying these wonderful birds. I bought a ringmaster sportster, and wow I really fell in love with this one, after several magnificent flights, oh my it happened, somehow i got some slack in my lines and I lost her....I really would love to fly one of those again...Anyone know where I can get one let me know.

govckr (02/01/2008 09:06:24)


Recently purchased a Sterling Piper Cub J-3 Kit #FS6. Anybody know if a laser cutter has cloned one in "short kit form??

Mike Godward (02/01/2008 09:08:15)


Yes, the Ringmaster and many of its blood brothers were most popular here in Venezuela, at least in the king days of the u/c flying. But in our area (Valencia city) the YAK-9 was even more popular, maybe because it cost a bit less. I learned to fly with the YAK, but I won my first 1st. place in a stunt contest with the S-I Ringmaster, I recall that in those days (1958 or so) it was quite difficult for us boys to find model supplies because the nearest model shop was in Caracas (100 miles away) and we had to rely on our fathers when they had enough time left when they traveled to Caracas. I had a mishap with my S-1 a few days before the contest and, being short of silkspan, I had to re-cover it with light purple tissue and with a few coats of clear dope and a trusty $5,95 McCoy redhead .35 I picked up 690 points, very ahead of the 2nd. place of my fellow modeler who earned 400 and some. But then my late brother Mario crashed it when tried to go inverted without really knowing how to do it. Because this contest was attended also by our "enemies" from the big city (Caracas), we started lobbying to avoid any 2nd. round and with the help of the dying afternoon, we finally succeded. I had also a very good Super ringmaster (Better than the S-1) and a much modified RINGMASTER IMPERIAL with removeable wing and sheeted foam horizontal tail, prepared to compete at the 1976 brazilian nats. But I crashed it the week before the trip due to a cold solder joint in the two independent flap horns, and instead of choosing my Super Ringmaster, I elected to travel with an almost non-stunting model and even worse, as nitro fuel was unavailable in Brazil, my engines just didn´t work! About Matt Kania, with his photo in all building plans, we yougsters considered him almost as a Werner Von Braun kind of scientist! I don't know the reasons of why Sterling Models closed, but if the dies are still in existence, I would bet that limited runs of many of their kits will be fast sellers because many of them would be bought also by collectors. And quite many of their R/C kits are still sound enough for the modern R/C systems. I still have a few sterling U/C kits that maybe in the near future... Luis De Santis T. Valencia, Venezuela

Luis De Santis (02/01/2008 10:27:56)


I recently visited my old home and found a started Sterling C-10 Capt. Rickenabcker -Nieuport 28. I had walked away from finishing it 40 years ago. I still have most of the kit -but I can't find the plans. Can anyone direct me to where I can locate a photcopy of the original plans?? Thanx

Tim Adams (02/10/2008 04:34:26)


Hi very nice site, I have bought off e'bay a sterling Fokker 7 58 1/2 inch wingspan. the kit was supposed to be complete. But a few of the formers for the fuse are missing. anybody have any idea where I can get a copy of these formers. I have copied round the wing ribs and the other bits needed for the wings, so I am prepared to trade or if anybody wants a copy let me know.

Terry (03/27/2008 12:05:52)


Hello All, I’m new here and in need of some info. But first let me tell you a bit about my self. I’m now 55 yrs. Old and have been in and around flying model planes all my life. My Farther was into it before I was born, flying Free Flight and U- Control , then getting into the R/C stuff. His first R/C plane was some kind of sea plane. I don’t know just what kit it was or if he had scratch built it him self. My best guest is some time around 1957 -58 . I was still pretty young then ( born in 53 ) I have vague memories of it , mostly my Mother yelling at my sister and I to get away from the edge. We have old home movies of him trying to get the thing off the water. It never got off , why ? I don’t know. May have been under powered or sucking in water. My self I’ve been building and flying for some 40 plus years now. Dad had died in a plane crash back in 1974. Anyway , The reason I’m here is , I just recently gotten a hold of three old Sterling “ Flying Fool “ control line kits. I had built one way back when I was about 14 or 15 yrs, old. I have heard stories about this plan flying like a lead brick. Having learned a few tricks of the trade so to speak from my Fathers building skills, I pre balance the plane first before covering it . It came out a bit tail heavy , so I cut out some holes in the fuselage skins to get it to balance out with just a tad noise heavy. It flew really nice for a couple of years till I got cocky with it in a stunt and crash it. Now my question ? The three kits that I have are in three different kinds of boxes and one with different box art on the cover. I’m trying or would like some help in butting these kits into some kind of “what years are we looking at ?” The first photo is What I remember being in my farther hobby shop and the one that I had built. The next photo is a much older one with different box art. I’m assuming that one is very much older. And the third is the same as the first with the box art but pack in a much heaver box . Can any one put them into some kind of years of when which one came when ? Another question ? Here it the web site you have a listing of planes and such, having or looking for plans to build it , decals for it , etc……… How does that work ? I have the plans in all three kits and two sheets of decals for the Flying Fool. I’ll also be making templates for all the parts and such for future builds. Do I send in the original prints and a scanned copy of the decal sheet for your archives ? I hope this works too , enclosed is some photos of just what I’m talking about. Also , here’s a link in to my other hobby stuff. Click on any pic , then you can click on the pic again to enlarge it. Scroll down from the pic to read up about it. waters PSer..... I'v been trying to post some pics of the three boxes but not sure if I'm doing it right or if they are showing up. Help please!!!

Gary Shaw (04/23/2008 10:00:27)


The Sterling u/c Polish Fighter, C-5 is available from Lazer-Works in Wichita Falls, TX. They DO NOT have the plans. I would like to get a copy of the plans. Thanks, Pete M

Pete Munroe (07/25/2008 03:43:18)


What size electric motor and speed control would anyone recommend for the Sterling Corsair. 36" F4U Corsair, Kit #FS-36. I want to go brushless to save wt. Thanks Mike

Mike (08/28/2008 05:18:41)


Hello, I stopped at a yard sale the other day and saw about 5 plane kits. opened but looked like everything was there. Except in one. It was The Wizard by Sterling Models. Well. the guy just wanted to get rid of the kits so I walked away with everything he had for an unbelievable 1.00. What I am looking for is the instruction sheet for the FSZ The Wizard , 54" wingspan 37" Length. If anyone has one they no longer need or can point me in the right direction I would greatly appreciate it. Thank You

Harold (08/30/2008 04:59:45)


Hello. I have just recently acquired an FS-29 Fledgling kit at an estate sale. The kit was open and some of the assy. started. all parts are punched from the templates but are numbered. All templates are gone and so are the plans and instruction sheet. I believe that I havee all parts including hardware as I have laid out the wings and fuselage. What I can't figure out is how the wing root is built with dowel pins. Looking for instructions or plans or a tip or two or even a picture or drawing! Any help is greatly appreciated.

Joe (09/27/2008 01:04:14)


I have plans for the "Royal Coachman" R/C plane I'd share as well as the "Piper Super Cruiser" R/C (kit FS8). I am looking for a set of plans for the Waco SRE C/L (kit C4) to build as an electric. I also do CAD work and can scale up (or down) any that I can find, but it may take some time to do so. I'm willing to share copies of the plans I have; does anyone have the Waco C/L plan?

Jim (10/24/2008 08:34:56)


I have started uploading some of the plans and decals for the kits I have NIB. In fact, after my workout tonight, I'll actually be scanning the plans and decals for the Waco C-4 control line kit and the S-6 Super Ringmaster. A lot of the kits I have have the newer molded plastic parts, so I intend to try to make plaster molds from them. Thermo formed plastic cowls don't last as long as the old spun metal.

Tony Oravec (01/30/2009 06:24:19)


I am looking for plans for the Stuka 20 inch rubber scale. Kit # A6-198. Thanks

david (03/31/2009 05:57:50)


I was wondering if anyone had plans for the "action series" sterling models, particularly the "Zero" ,"P-47", "Me-109" or "P-51" or any of the WW1 birds would be greatly appreciated, or if you know where to get a hold of them. I am interested in the "action" mechanisms and how to set them up. Great site, and thank you!

David (06/02/2009 02:07:54)


I'm looking for plans/instruction sheet for the Stearman 32"ws kit C12. I have a nice kit but no plans!! I also have the Flying Fool kit. If anyone needs copies of anything from either or these kits let me know. Thanks

Howard (10/23/2009 11:53:34)


I collect early Sterling models.I have almost all the "C" series(all in great condition).Also Ringmasters,Yaks,P-51's,P-38's,some still in shrinkwrap.If you are lookin for something in that area let me know!

Bob (11/02/2009 03:27:34)


Hi, I recently picked up a Sterling British S.E.5. kit, complete except for the plans. It's kit C6, 32" wingspan. I really want to build this - does anyone have a source for the plans? THanks in advance.

Geoff Kooris (11/15/2009 06:36:26)


I am trying to locate a scratch building plan for the Mambo, Mambo Special, or Mighty Mambo. I bought the one from UncleWillies but that was nothing more than the kit instcution sheet so no parts templates. I see that AMA lists the plans and wonder if anyone has purchased one from them. I had bought some other plans from them before from the Pond collection and was very upset at the poor quality. I know they are not all like that but do not want to buy another plan and find out it is not usable. Does anyone have such a plan available for sale? Thank you.

Jim Pruitt (04/16/2010 03:52:06)


I was wondering if anyone here knew where I could obtain a set of plans/parts sheets, etc for the 44" version of the Piper Tri-Pacer? Thanks for the help.....A Judd

A Judd (04/27/2010 01:12:04)


I have a FS-20 PT-17 kit, but it is without the plans. Anyone who could provide the plans would be profusely thanked. Al Mosher

Al Mosher (05/31/2010 01:58:45)


How can I get a hold of the P-2 kit/plan/etc? I have nothing to offer (sorry!). But this kit represents a bit of nostalgia for me. Around my 14th (maybe it was my 12th or 13th) birthday I told my dad that I wanted to get into model airplanes. He had been building since he was a teen, so he bought this set (and another kit that completely escapes memory) for my birthday. I started to work on them, but then lost interest. Now, some 20 years later, I've (re)discovered the hobby of building FF rubber models and find that I really enjoy it. Unfortunately, since my mom had a firesale of 99% of his RC stuff 10 yrs ago (after he passed away), and I have not seen this particular set on ebay or anywhere else. Could you be very kind as to pass along the kit drawing? Emails of the files would be perfectly fine especially if they are in pdf format, as I've found several tools that allow for tiled printing of larger files. I THINK I have the means of converting jpegs to pdfs too, but I'm not positive on this. Many thanks, Desmond

Desmond (06/23/2010 03:40:26)


The P-2 kit included plans for building a Monocoupe and Citabria...

Desmond (06/23/2010 03:42:51)


Looking for the plans for the ME-109G kit (17" w.s. w/bomb drop I believe) scanned files would be great. Picked up a partial kit on eBay (no plan) but will need to inventory parts when it gets here. Can trade scans of Peanut Scale Zero/Corsair combo plans or SE-5A/Fokker D-8 plans. Thanks

Don (11/08/2010 10:05:46)


I got s19 spitfire kit from my friend. But plan sheet(instruction) not in box. Please help me. I wont to build my kit.

Karl Choi (12/05/2010 10:01:39)


I have a Sterling FS-36 Corsair kit purchased in the early eighties that I have not found the time to build. I am interested in selling it.

Chris (12/27/2010 09:35:47)


Please help me contact my two cousins who are the children of the late Matthew J. Kania. My phone number is 575-578-0805 in Roswell NM.

Raymon Koziol, Jr (02/11/2011 11:19:42)


Im looking for the plans for the Sterling Piper Super Cruiser FS8.

Larry Olson (05/18/2011 04:31:52)


Looking for the canopies for the P 61 Black widow kit. I would like to make plugs of the canopies and return them if anyone has them thank you Dan

Dan Frank (08/29/2011 08:04:59)


Say, purchased what I thought was a complete s19 spitfire kit from eBay. Trouble is seller "made a mistake" and didn't know it didn't have plans in the box, ya right. Anyway, would anyone have plans? I believe the kit is complete but for the plans, guessing cause I don't have plans. This kit is complex enough, and I don't think I can build without original plans. I should've suspected the eBay listing was suspect! As it was priced too good to be true, you know, shame on me. I got a worthless old kit at this point. Larrie

Larrie (11/12/2011 09:32:47)


My email corrected is

Larrie (11/12/2011 09:43:38)


Hi guys, I´m looking for template or plans of S-36 beginner´s super cub, 20.5" wingspan, .049 model engine. Please help me! This was my first c/l model...

Francisco (12/29/2011 02:10:24)


have alot of sterling plans in pdf format as well as some templates.would be willing to trade for templates of the 33" controline se-5 kit and neiuport 28 kit.or any other plan I do not have

John Murphy (02/12/2012 02:53:30)



Norma Cunningham (02/19/2012 11:24:11)


Did Tim or anyone else find plans or a kit for the Sterling Nieuport 28 and/or Fokker D-7? Would pay for someone to run a copy and send one or both. Thanks. Steve Sullins 925.322.9137

Steve (02/16/2013 04:48:55)


I'm looking for the information note regarding the incidence on the Mambo Special, Kit FS-16. I need to know if it was in either the wing or stabilizer and how much is needed.

Mike Denest (06/06/2013 02:13:34)


Just a shot in the dark here. I'm looking for a Sterling Piper Super Cruiser Kit, FS-8. I built one years ago and I still have the original plans (not good shape) but I did get a new copy from RCM Plans. I would really like to have the kit because it had a stamped steel nose bowl; difficult to reproduce that part. Please contact by email if you have any info, kit or leads to where I might find one.

Burl Rogers (10/20/2013 02:52:11)


Hello, I'm desperately looking for a copy )digital) of the Sterling Piper Tri Pacer (44" wingspan version). Anybody has it? Thanks EDUARDO

Eduardo, (11/13/2013 06:15:05)


Hi Folks ... did someone ever build a corsair F4u rubber model .. the A model ? Would like to share experience ... I have re-stared mine ... 30 years old !

Matteo (01/22/2015 02:02:07)


Need a Continental W670 engine for my Stearman PT-17 RC Control Model airplane. ( Kit FS-20 )Original was a highly-detailed scale plastic dummy Continental engine. Help!!

art goodemote (09/01/2015 03:44:40)

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