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      Owned by John and Ann Watson, Watson Pottery & Glass is a fine craft business that sells its products at craft shows in Vermont and New Hampshire. John and Ann would be delighted to meet you in person at one of the many craft shows listed on the Events page. Clicking on the Next Event box on the upper right will also give you information on that specific event.

Lampwork Glass Bead Jewelry    

        Lampworking or flameworking is a very old craft using heat to melt glass into beads. John uses an oxygen/propane torch to melt clear and color glass rods around metal rods, forming each bead one at a time. John adds design details such as dots and swirls with fine glass rods and uses various tools to shape the beads.

melting glass_1      Flameworked beads_1    

John uses the beads to make earrings, necklaces and pendants. Most necklaces and pendants are available as sets, with matching earrings.

P3070451    earrings_1

Stoneware Pottery  

        Ann's time is taken up with throwing and firing stoneware pottery. Using a potter's wheel, she makes functional items including kitchen and dinnerware, candleholders and flower pots. "Sprigging" is her favorite decorating technique: she adds thin press-molded shapes to the exteriors of the pots to produce raised designs. The kiln firings heat the pottery up to 2200°F, and all Ann's pottery is dish-washer safe and lead-free.

 Ann trimming pot_1     Batter Bowl

     Additional pictures of work and work-in-progress can be found in the photo gallery. (The small photos are compressed: please click on any photo to view it larger.) Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.
Hope to see you in Vermont or New Hampshire!

     Hand-made means one-of-a-kind, so items pictured on this website are examples. While we strive for accuracy, the posted dates and times for craft shows are subject to change.

John & Ann Watson