Steltzner Wine Tasting

At Bill & Val Clark's in Langhorne, PA


The Announcement

The 1996 Melchior And A 1990 Double Magnum Label Of The Star Of The Show

Wine Co-Host Al Decker Filling The Carafes Wine Co-Host Bill Clark In His Back Yard

Food Hostess Val Clark, Kim Price Barbara Cash, Val

Maryann Pazdan, Candy James,
Pat Stahl, Dick Demchak
Harry Kissig, Milt Moser

Pat Scott, Michele Heaton Frank Zerns, Lauri Engler

Eddie Krause, Tracey Bill McKenty, Bill McKenty !

Pat Enjoying The Perfect Overcast But Dry Weather Milt, Maryann

Harry Maryann, Candy

Clark Schuster, Maryann Co-Host Bill Clark Sort Of Taking A Dip

Tom Downing Judy Downing

Pat, Al Discussing The Steltzner Nuances Eddie, Jason Harris, Debra

Jason Helping Co-Host Al With Another Pour Clark, Maryann, Candy Staying Cool

Lauri, Frank Frank's Interesting T-Shirt Back

Pat, Kim Dorothy Cardlin

Kathy Brewster, Chris Schied John And Wanda Ferguson

The 1990 Double Magnum And Label

Lauri, Michele Michele, Pat, Val

A Tasting Change Of Pace

Milt Cooling Off Red Wine Stain Remover, Personalized Glass, Harry

Sharon Decker, Clay Stahl, Wine Towel Judy, Allison Rodgers

Michele d'Arcy Tom d'Arcy, Val

Donna Bartie Tom Bartie

Peg Krause Feast Fit For A King (And A Little Extra Wine)

Empty Bottle, It's All Over!

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