Interactive Activities

Interactive activities are mainly online labs or educational games.  These sites provide instantaneous feedback and, for the most part, will not allow the user to progress until the correct choice is made.  They are a fun way to review topics and practice techniques introduced in class lectures.  Difficulty and duration will vary with each site but all of the sites provided here are appropriate for high school biology.


Note: All of the activities featured on this page are internet based and most require Macromedia's Flash or Shockwave to be downloaded on your computer.  The downloads are free and most sites requiring these programs will prompt you to download them if they are not already loaded on your computer.  



Activities List

  Crossword Puzzles
          -provide the correct term for each of the provided clues

  The Virtual Scope*
*click on "the virtual scope" to access the interactive microscope
          -learn to use / practice using the compound light microscope - a very realistic simulation!

  Virtual Electron Microscope
          -view and identify 10 different biological specimens 

  Parts of an Animal Cell  
-rearrange provided terms into an organized outline

  Plant Cell Structure
          -dissect a virtual plant cell

  The Virtual Cell*
           *click "the virtual cell tour" to access this activity
          -tour an animal cell in 3-D by cutting, rotating, and zooming in on specific organelles.

  Build a Cell
          -construct a model of a plant cell by loading a truck with the proper organelles

  Balanced Diet
                    -based on the individual's nutritional requirements, select meals to provide a chosen person with a balanced diet 

  Cell Membrane Structure & Transport 
-rearrange provided labels and parts to create an organized diagram

  Energy Challenge
                    -investigate the amount of energy different foods provide by "feeding" runners and measuring the distance they travel 

  The Cell Cycle
          -working as a "cell division supervisor", successfully control cell 
           growth and division to repair cell death in tissue

  Online Onion Root Tips*
*to advance through the introduction & access this activity, click "next" at the bottom of page 
          -based on their mitotic phase, classify 36 different onion root tip cells to determine 
           the amount of time a dividing cell spends in each phase of mitosis

  Cell Division Construction Kit
          -using the provided pieces, build a diagram that represents the given mitotic or meiotic stage

  DNA Replication
          -replicate an organism's DNA then use the DNA to identify the organism from which it came

  Transcription & Translation
          -create mRNA from DNA then select the correct amino acids to make the protein

  Crack the Code
          -translate mRNA codons into amino acids while playing a tic-tac-toe type game

  Dragon Genetics
          -manipulate a dragon's alleles (genotype) to create the requested phenotype

  Mendel's Pea Experiment
          -learn the basics of Mendelian genetics by crossing pea plants

  The Princess and the Wrinkled Pea
          -use your genetics knowledge to produce 25 wrinkled peas before you run out of money

  Alien Genetics
          -solve genetics probability problems based on the inheritance patterns 
           of the provided alien race

  Human Traits
-compare your physical traits to other online visitors

  The Gene Machine
-determine your genotype based on the physical traits displayed by you and/or your parents

  Linkage Maps
          -arrange the given genes along the chromosome based on the provided recombination frequencies

  Blood Transfusions
          -determine which type of blood should be given to each ER patient

          -complete a karyotype by matching the provided chromosomes 
           with their corresponding homologue

  Gene Splicing
-cut a segment of DNA and paste it into a bacterial plasmid

  Gene Probe
-make a DNA probe and use it to determine the location of a particular gene

  Gel Electrophoresis
-sort and measure DNA strands by running your own gel electrophoresis experiment

  DNA Detective
          -use DNA profiling to solve a fictitious crime

  DNA Profiling
-determine which individuals were present at a crime scene or 
           identify a man's biological children using gel electrophoresis    

          -correctly perform various forensic science tests (DNA isolation, blood typing, 
           gender typing, & DNA fingerprinting) to solve the made-up mystery - play more than once, 
           there are more than 20 different scenarios! 

  The Interactive Investigator

  Virtual Peppered Moths
          -Choose a pre or post industrial revolution setting then hunt for peppered moths in the forest 
           and watch how the population changes.

  Natural Selection
-test the effects of selection, mutation, and chance on the evolution a fictitious species

  Plant Identification
          -use a dichotomous key to identify any of the 22 provided plants

  The Secret of the Bones
          -using skeletal clues, determine the classification system of the provided organism

  HIV Simulation
          -follow the spread of the HIV virus through a population and see if you can identify 
           the original carrier(s)

          -select the body parts and coloration and see if your fish will survive 
           in the habitat you have chosen

  Virtual Dissections
-explore the inner anatomy of the following by clicking rather than cutting
-Owl Pellets

  The Art of Crime Detection
          -using your visual memory, create a composite sketch
           of the suspect involved in a fictitious crime

  Interactive Body
          -Assemble a 3D jigsaw puzzle of the human body.  Choose the gender and then place 
           the provided pieces.  Four puzzles available: organs, muscles, skeleton, or nervous system.  

  Mr. Bones
          -reconstruct a dismantled human skeleton

  Body Builder 3D
                    -construct a body (male or female) by correctly positioning provided organs

  Agent Guy Simplant
          -investigate prosthetic parts made from biomaterials in the "Case of the Stolen Hand" or learn 
           about the human heart in the "Case of the Ailing Heart"

  Operation: Heart Transplant
           -with some guidance, perform a virtual heart transplant

  Eye Simulation
          -investigate the effects of damage to eye muscles and nerves on the motion of the eyes

  Water Weed*
          *the "i" button (bottom right of page) provides simulation info.
          -examine the effects of light color, light intensity, and CO2 concentration on 
           a plant's photosynthetic abilities

  Food Chains / Food Webs
          -place the given organisms in their proper place within the food chain
               -Terrestrial Food Web
               -Aquatic Food Web
(scroll to bottom of page & click "play the food web game")
               -Grasslands, Antarctic, and Marine Food Webs

               -Meadow, Artic, and Pond Food Webs

  Population Growth
           -adjust temperature, food, and moisture levels and see the effect on population growth

  Amazon Interactive: The Ecotourism Game
          -As a member of the Quichua, an indigenous tribe of the Ecuadorian Amazon, make decisions 
           about ecotourism and see how your decisions effect your tribe.

  Smog City*
*on the left menu, click "run smog city" to access this activity
          -investigate the effects of population level, weather conditions, and emission levels on the city's 
           air quality index throughout the day




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