Printables are resources that can be downloaded and printed for use.  Most of these resources are worksheets but labs, demonstrations, games, etc. are included in this category.  The vast majority of these activities do not require the internet and can be completed offline. 


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Printable Labs

  Enzymes at Work (.pdf)


  Toothpick DNA

  Creating Coacervates



Printable Worksheets

  Parts of a Compound Light Microscope

  Prokaryotic & Eukaryotic Cells

  Osmosis (.pdf)

  RNA (doc)

  Protein Synthesis (.pdf)

  Mitosis (.pdf)

  Genetics Vocabulary

  Genetics Problems
          -mixed practice

            -practice problems #1
            -practice problems #2

  Virus Worksheet (.pdf)

  Bacteria Worksheet (.pdf)

  Protist Worksheet (.pdf)

  Fungi Worksheet (.pdf)

  Grasshopper External Anatomy

  Circulatory System
          -system vocab
          -heart vocab

  Organs of the Respiratory System

  Nervous System
          -system vocab
          -neuron structure

  Muscular System (.pdf)

  Urinary / Excretory System
          -urinary system diagram

  Bones of the Skeleton

  Parts of a Flower


Printable Activities

  Advertising Cell Organelles
          -help wanted ad

  Blind Enzymes

  Simulation of Cellular Respiration

  DNA Line Dancing: a replication simulation (.pdf)

  Arthropod Genetics (.pdf)

  The Nervous Security System




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