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Homemade Pizza 9/27/14: Made a vegetarian (no processed meat) Muffuletta Pizza camera.gif.
Homemade Pizza 9/20/14: Made a Margharita Pizza with fresh Mozzarella cheese and basil camera.gif.
Homemade Pizza 9/14/14: Made a Veggie (Roma tomatoes, bell pepper, mushrooms, red onion, pizza sauce, smoked provolone and fresh mozzarella cheeses) Pizza camera.gif.
BeauJo's 9/3/14: Had the Little Sicily Mountain Pie (Roasted garlic and olive oil sauce, Italian sausage, scallions, black olives, roma tomatoes, fresh jalapeņos, whole milk mozzarella, parmesan cheeses and Italian seasonings) at BeauJo's in Boulder, CO.
Basil Flats 9/1/14: Had the Margharita Pizza at Basil Flats in Longmont CO.