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Ballroom dancing is my primary hobby.  I enjoy it immensely and do it purely for fun.  While I strive to dance "correctly" (ie: holding proper frame and posture, conveying clear and comfortable leads, using appropriate footwork and body mechanics, incorporating a bit of personal styling, etc.), I have no desire to compete.  With that in mind, my song choices are based on the simple belief that music should enhance the joy of dancing.  Those individuals who are serious competitive dancers, or "strict tempo" musical purists, may find many of my unconventional choices somewhat less than appealing.  But for those who simply want to have as much fun as possible on the dance floor, this list is for you!



I'm always on the lookout for new music.  If you use Facebook, please join the Facebook group "Ballroom Dance Music" and share your favorite dance songs in that forum.  I can then add your songs to the lists below.


###   UPDATE ALTERT   ###


I've changed the way that these song lists are presented.  Now, the list of songs for each individual dance are sorted so that the best songs are shown first with the lesser songs falling to the bottom of each list.  Plus, there is now only one all-inclusive spreadsheet to download for those of you who prefer having a spreadsheet rather than simply browsing through the song lists in web page format.




Smooth / Standard


View Waltz Songs  ... updated 29-May-2010

View Foxtrot Songs  ... updated 12-July-2010

View Tango Songs  ... updated 3-June-2010

View Viennese Waltz Songs  ... updated 10-June-2010

View Quickstep Songs  ... updated 29-May-2010


Rhythm / Latin


View Rumba Songs  ... updated 27-June-2010

View Cha-Cha Songs  ... updated 15-July-2010

View East Coast Swing Songs  ... updated 3-July-2010

View Bolero Songs  ... updated 25-July-2010

View Mambo Songs  ... updated 4-June-2010

View Samba Songs  ... updated 9-July-2010

View Jive Songs  ... updated 7-June-2010



Club Dances


View Hustle Songs  ... updated 8-June-2010

View West Coast Swing Songs  ... updated 29-June-2010

View Salsa Songs  ... updated 4-June-2010

View Merengue Songs  ... updated 3-June-2010

Argentine Tango ... NO SONG LIST AVAILABLE





containing the complete song libraray for all dances


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