The Music of the Beatles in Undergraduate Music Theory Instruction--abstract

Collaros, Pandel.  2000.  "The Music of the Beatles in Undergraduate Music Theory Instruction" (revised and expanded) Indiana Theory Review 21:  pp. 53-78.

    The article presents examples from Beatles songs that feature the following topics and concepts: parallel key relationship, root position and second inversion triads, cadential I6/4 chord, extended tertian harmonies, altered dominant, half cadence, pedal point, modulation, mixed meters, polyrhythm, Mixolydian mode, polychordality, secondary function, mixture, and chromatic-mediants.  Examples are taken from "Across the Universe," "Piggies," "I've Got a Feeling," "Magical Mystery Tour," "And I Love Her," "A Hard Day's Night," "I Want You," "Oh Darling," "For No One," Blackbird," "A Day in the Life," "Good Day Sunshine," "Mean Mr. Mustard," "Blue Jay Way," and "Something."

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