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The Great Common Gear Decal Initiative - Click for a larger, uncropped version of this image - use your browser's back button to return to this pageBackground - Common Gear Antique Volkswagen Society Great Decal Initiative

Back a long time ago when "Common Gear" was an active snail mailed newsletter, we had a bunch of pretty good-looking (if we do say so, ahem), high-quality decals made up, mostly for the fun of it, and to help "spread around" our logo in the world a bit. In later years, after the newsletter went away, there seemed to be markedly less opportunities to spread C/G decals around--yet we still had (& have) a pretty good quantity of them still around.

For a little more background, the decals were originally made up specifically for use on automobiles--in that they're an adhesive front style, which makes them perfect for affixing to the inside surface of car windows (and which also keeps them protected from the elements). For an example I present my gnarly old '60 Bug known as "Doug," who wears one on his left rear quarter window. The image at the RIGHT is a cropped-down version of a larger picture, which you can bring up by clicking directly on the image, or HERE. I think you can see that the design of the decal is also the exact same design as the C/G main page header logo. The decal colors are simply black & white--exactly as shown (also at the top right corner of this page). Not that I expose my cars to very harsh conditions or anything, but I can say that the C/G decals I've applied to my cars seem to have held up for many years, without any noticeable cracking, fading, or discoloring. The size of the actual decals is about 5" wide by about 1 3/4" high.

A few days ago (as this is being written, early January 2009) I had the pleasure of communicating with another fellow old-VW enthusiast, Jeffery H. (a very talented graphic and web designer who manages the superb Central Jersey VW Club web site--also a fellow member of the CT VW Association's Yahoo group), who asked in passing if I had any C/G decals left and could he possibly get one. That got me to thinking that now, with the C/G web site again under major reconstruction ("a new start" if you will), this might also be a good opportunity to "resurrect" those long-sitting leftover decals a bit. After some thinking, we came up withthis idea for a way to get them out into the hands of enthusiasts in a way that is designed to accomplish two important things:

A) Not costing me any extra money

B) Achieving (hopefully) some fun "followup contact" from fellow old-VW enthusiasts

The "Great Decal Initiative" was born!

Briefly, and relating to the two above-listed important considerations, how we envision this program working is:

1) You send me a normal business-size envelope, already addressed with your full name and mailing address, and with first-class postage already affixed

2) I place one C/G decal in your SASE and place it in the mail back to you (United States addresses only please)

3) You e-mail me a picture of the decal affixed on your car (e-mail to: We will also welcome snail-mailed prints, but they must be clear and sharp, and they will also take longer for us to process. We don't want to tell you how to take your photo, but the C/G decal must be reasonably visible in the shot. Please do also tell us the year and model of your car, and any other quick important facts about it that you may wish.

4) I add your picture to the "Enthusiasts' Gallery" section below (we reserve the right to crop, reduce, or otherwise alter your shot as we may require--we also reserve the right to include or not include as much additional background information as you may wish to supply about the vehicle that's pictured).

If I can manage it, I'll try my best to drop you a note once I get your photo posted--but you might wish to check back to this page occasionally on your own (don't forget to hit "refresh" or "reload" on your browser to make sure you're seeing the latest updates).

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How To Get Your Own Common Gear Decal

Send your stamped, self-addressed, normal business-sized envelope to:

Common Gear Great Decal Initiative
P.O. Box 3353
Stony Creek, CT 06405

And then, hopefully send us a photo of the C/G decal displayed on your favorite antique VW!

DISCLAIMERS: First, please be aware that we don't have limitless quantity of decals (that's the primary reason we request only "one per customer" please), so please be aware they may indeed run out at some point. As noted above also, we only wish to deal with United States addresses (though if a non-US party sent us a really cool decal in trade, we'd consider sending one of ours back in return...). And also, as noted above, we reserve the right to alter your original photo in any way as we may require.

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Enthusiasts' Gallery - "Show Us Your Decals!"

BELOW: We'll start if off with the original shot that we based this program on. The car is Steve the Webmaster's beloved 1960 VW Sunroof Bug, known as "Doug," which we've owned since the early 1980s. Doug's production date is December 31, 1959, and his color is L346 Mango Green. (this photo posted as of 1/10/2009)

The Webmaster's 1960 VW Beetle known as "Doug"

BELOW: David Cummings from Virginia has a cool pair of Bugs--now sporting C/G decals too. Quoting from Dave's e-mail dated 7/12/2009: "Hi Steve - Here are pictures of my 2 VWs with the nice Common Gear decals. The '62 Bug is gulf blue and still running on its original 40hp engine - I've owned it since '91. The black '56 sunroof is also stock 36hp (but not the original engine). Neither would win any car shows but are good running drivers... Thanks for the decals! - Dave" In addition to the individual car images below, click HERE to view an overall shot of both. Thanks Dave and enjoy those beautiful Bugs of yours! (these photos posted as of 8/6/2009)

D. Cummings '62 Bug, Virginia

D.Cummings '56 Bug, Virginia

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