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Mission Control

My latest obsession, Antweight combat robots. 1lb. remote controlled fighting machines.  Above, you see  my latest creation, Mission Control.  It will make it's debut at Seattle Bot Battles 2 on April 18th.   I build them from scratch using a combination of R/C gear, odds and ends, some specialty parts and scrap metal.  I highly recommend checking out the competition pictures. 



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 These pages will contain information specifically addressing my particular specialty of nerdi-ness, HOBBY GAMING.  That's right boys and girls, I not only play games, but I write them.  I work for a company that publishes them (but not mine *sigh*).  Aside from my family, games are probably my favoritest things in the world.  If you're interested in my family, head on back to the home page, if you want to know what I've got around here regarding games, well...read on!!!

Let me make one thing clear before we go any further. I'm not very good at games in the traditional win/lose sort of way.  I'm not a "play to win" sort of dude, though I certainly don't mind the occasionally checkmark in the W column every now and then. I like competition.  I like one on one, mano-e-thingo, dues ex machina, or whatever.  If there's conflict and dice, I'm in!


Part 1 - My most notable creations

    *   Battlebots Trading Card Game - I've spent a ridiculous amount of time creating this game.  I mean stupid stupid stupid amounts of time. Literally hundreds of hours, sitting in front of the computer writing rules, designing card graphics, re-writing rules, printing, cutting, and sleeving cards so I can spend even more time playtesting.  Once the playtesting yeilds results, go back and do it again.  I began the project back in September of 2000 and I'm now on version 6 of the rules.  Folks, if you want to write games, don't try a trading card game unless you've got a lot of committed help.  Also, don't design around a license you may not ever have access to.  If push comes to shove, I've got an idea to take the basic mechanic and apply it to either a "Street Fighter"-esque game or perhaps a SuperHero game.

    *    Bandit - This was my first playable card game.  Play cards in your hand to take the cards sitting on the table. Simple and to the point.  I wrote it in a week.  Man, I thought, this is easy...

    *    Torches & Pitchforks - You and each of your opponent's controls a small village in Europe, about 150 years ago.  Every turn a monster comes out of the mists and attacks your town.  Arm your townsfolk and go hunting until the beasties know who's boss.  This was an unfinished game of mine that a friend from work has retooled into a really cool little time waster.  He's just about gutted all of my (lame) rules, though the premise and a few of the card titles remain intact.  When I have more information and maybe a few card images I'll post them.

    *    Pyramid Scheme - Worst game ever.  It's like my Ishtar.  Cool Tetris-style game pieces, amusing back-story, cleverly named cards with novel mechanics. Crappy game-play.  Imagine if Joel Schumacher made a game...


Part 2 - Other folks' creations

    *    Trading Card Games - I work for Wizards of the Coast so I'd better play some of these games, right? RIGHT!  There was a time when I knew more about the rules to Magic than probably 99.9% of the players in the world.  I've slipped a bit since then, but I'm still pretty good at tapping a mountain or two.  My other favorite TCGs are (in order) Shadowfist, Harry Potter, and whatever just got released.

    *    Warhammer 40k - This is a game I haven't played for something like a year.  I've got around two grand worth of painted miniatures sitting in this room with me, so it's a damn shame.  The thing is, I really like these minis and I don't think I could get what *I* think they are worth, so I doubt I'll be selling them anytime soon.  I'll have some pictures of the better minis posted soon (and by soon I mean someday...maybe.)

    *    Dungeons & Dragons - The grandaddy of all RPGs.  My current game has been running since 3rd edition released back in August of 2000.  Before that I had a 2nd ed. game going for about three years.  We try to play every other weekend and I get really bummed when we can't for some reason.  I just can't get enough of killing evil beasties and taking their stuff.  I run my game in a campaign world of my own creation and I'll be posting bits of information about that world here both to make me look cooler (to other geeks, obviously) and as a gaming aid to my players.

    *    Champions - The SUPER Role Playing Game.  This is the first RPG I really learned how to play.  While I'll admit it's a tricky nut to crack, if you're with a group of good Champs players, you'll be hard pressed to find better play with any other RPG.  When Mechanon bursts through that brick wall and with an emotionless metallic tone issues the planet its death warrent, well, I get kind of gooey inside.  I've got some characters and some world notes that might be presentable to publish online someday (and that should give you an idea of the state they're in now.)

Sure there could be lots more, but who cares about that.  What's above is my favorite bits of Gaming Geekness.  The stuff worth keeping in the Temple of Geekdom. 


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