Pink Moon Vine

Pink Moon Vine

This is Ipomoea macrorhiza or "Pink Moon Vine".

Pink Blooms at Night

2005 is the first year that I have grown these. The seeds were sent to me by Florida Girl in trade for some Ipomoea pandurata seeds that I ended up not being able to send her. (Don't worry Mildred, I will try next year!)

I started these indoors and planted three next to the stairs behind the Siberian iris bed. This turns out to have been a bad move. I have tried 5 different species of Ipomoea in this area and none of them have done well. But all was not lost...

Being that Ipomoea macrorhiza is perennial (tuber) and supposed to grow smaller than many other species, I decided to try growing a couple of them containers too. The idea was that in a pot, it could easily be brought in over the winter and have a head start next spring over the same plant started from seed.

The pots were filled with fresh potting soil. I placed it in the sunniest part of my property along with pepper plants.

The blooms on this plant speak for themselves. Also they have a stronger scent than most Ipomoea--but not as strong as that of I. alba.

The foilage is also striking. But these specimins may be particularly unusual. Ron has noted that the tri-lobing of the later leaves is unusual.


  • 07-APR-2005: Nicked and soaked seeds overnight in H2O/H2O2 solution. Sowed in Ferry-Morse QnE 2 seeds/pellet.
  • 06-MAY-2005: Exumed seeds since there was no above ground activity. Most were still hard--others rotted.
  • 08-MAY-2005: Scored and then nicked remaining seeds more deeply than before. Then soaked for 36 hours. Sowed again.
  • 12-MAY-2005: 3 cotyledons appeared. (see photo)
  • 14-MAY-2005: Transferred all three to Siberian Iris bed.
  • 14-MAY-2005: Three more cotyldons appeared. Transferred two to pots (see below) and gave one to mom.
  • 2005-09-10: First blooms (see below).
  • 2005-09-21: Blooms stopped.


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Tubers! These are three that were planted in a spot without enough sun. They never grew much and did not bloom. I will overwinter them in pots and get a head start on the 2006 season.