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The following link will take you to a resonably comprehensive listing of restaurants located in Lake County.  Of those we have visited we would recommend The Flying Burrito Cantina (1 mile away), Hellriegel's Inn (15 miles away), Pickel Bill's Lobster House (13 miles away),  and Rider's Inn (13 miles away).  Not listed but recommended are Ferrante Winery and Ristorante (9 miles away) and Horizon's Restaurant and Lounge (6 miles away).  Breakfast is always good at Best Friends Family Restaurant and after dinner, be sure to stop by the local Dairy Queen


In nearby Ashtabula County, we would highly recommend Alessandro's's1091248228.html (10 miles away).


In nearby Geauga County, we would highly recommend Gamekeeper's Bass Lake Taverne & Inn (32 miles away).


The City of Cleveland has numerous dining options, many of which are listed on the following link (30 to 50 miles away depending on location).

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