Mouse over the chart to view the graph as it would look had Inflation remained flat. You can see that Republicans have done so much for so few, and at the expense of so many...for far too long. The bottom part of the chart shows the change in the effective tax rates for each group, the shifting of the tax burden downwards, and insufficient to cover expenses, thus creating our current debt crisis.

Adjusted Gross Income 1980-2006

For a look at the larger picture, here are the highest and lowest tax rates from 1913, when the IRS was created, through 2008. This chart doesn't include the 15% capital gains rate that most billionaires pay on most of their income. Notice how the sudden reduction in the highest tax rate around 1926 preceded the Great Depression. Perhaps this huge tax cut caused it, like our current situation. Note too, that the tax rate declined for everybody back then.

Income Tax  Rates 1913 -2008