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Charles Perea
President & Founder


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Providing a resource for homes/families to learn how to safely work around asbestos used in the construction of our homes throughout this country and the world. We live with asbestos. There is no safe limit of exposure so, let us show you how to stay safe in your home.  

Homeowners live with the hazards associated with asbestos building materials. Preventing future exposures to this known health hazard is the key. We cannot continue to ignore this reality. The foundation will educate families in collaboration with State Health, Environment and Public Education Departments as well as Asbestos Abatement Experts! All residents have this issue to deal with. Do not be confused, asbestos is in over 3,000 products. Preventing exposure is preventing cancer...

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Current Project

Bonus Round:

If you are looking for training to comply with EPA and OSHA requirements, I strongly recommend D.C. Environmental (505) 869-8000. David Charlesworth, CIH owner/operator... I've been dealing with this asbestos issue since 2000 and David is by far the most knowledgeable consultant I know. Let them know I sent you... 


To get a current list of qualified contractor please call the New Mexico Air Quality Bureau Asbestos Hotline at 1-800-224-7009, or send email to Contact your states Environment Department for a list of qualified contractors befor you hire someone to work in your home.



Help us ban asbestos in America by signing our petition @



The Plan

1. Educate

* Implement Living With Asbestos lesson plan for future generation on asbestos and how to manage it
 Provide information about the hazard (Asbestos In Our Homes) 
*  Provide a list of materials that typically contain asbestos
*  Provide a list of do's and dont's for handling asbestos materials
*  Conduct educational outreach through all media outlets

2. Vision

 Assess (Currently providing this service in the Albuquerque Area)
* Inspect for damage 
* Identify materials that will be affected during renovation/remodeling 
* Collect test samples for processing by an accredited laboratory

3. Remove/Abate the hazard
* Free or low cost removal/abatement of asbestos materials that are damaged
* Removal/abatement of materials that will be impacted during projects

Asbestos is a reality that we live with and how we deal with it will determine whether it will continue to cause deaths in the future. There is no known safe level of exposure but we do know how to avoid exposure. Regulations do not apply to you and me as homeowners but because of regulations in the work place, we know how to handle asbestos safely. Using certified contractors trained to work with asbestos we can continue to do those projects and repairs that are necessary to maintain a home safely. The question then becomes; how am I going to pay for this? In most cases, the asbestos will not have to be disturbed. The best thing to do is leave it and work around or over it by encapsulation. If you're thinking, it's too late, I've been exposed, I would like you to consider those around you. That is why I am doing all of this. The little ones will have to live with this hazard as well. So, what do we do? Refer back to the first objective and let's do this because it needs to be done.

  • Your help is needed to fund this effort. Please give to this charity and let's prevent cancer so we wont have to treat it down the road... 

Sugested link regarding Mesothelioma This website provides help for people dealing with asbestos illnesses.

Charles R. Perea