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7/15/2014- Our meeting with NMPED Deputy Secretary, Aguilar went very well. He agreed to move our request forward. After a few Months I was informed by the Deputy Secretary, that he was working on the logistics of rolling our free educational offering. There are many school districts and privet schools that will need this lesson plan and presentation. It is still not clear if New Mexico Governor, Martinez will issue the requested Executive Order that will require our free 45 minute lesson plan that will ensure future generations are educated about asbestos. This will prevent many exposures due to a lack of knowledge as well as prevent human suffering from many “asbestos cause linked cancers”. 





I was joined by David Charlesworth CIH, from DC Environmental as well as N.M.Environment Deputy Secretary, Butch Tongate to talk with N.M.Public Education, Deputy Secretary, Aguilar, about educating our children and future generations of New Mexicans on Living With Asbestos. This is a 45 minute lesson Plan that we developed to incorporate into public education knowing that this is the key to avoid ongoing exposures. After 9 years of research regarding what the public knows about asbestos, it was verified that folks have been misinformed or not informed at all about this highly regulated and very dangerous health hazard. By simply understanding how asbestos was and is used in America we can reduce or eliminate exposures that lead to several cancers. We are looking forward to sharing our efforts and we will keep you informed.    

1/19/12Here in Albuquerque New Mexico we have two sites just like this one Minnesota. EPA is in town to start a Superfund Site Clean-up at both sites. The first one was located on 1st street where work started last week. The second one is located on Edith NW and work will start this week. Two public meetings were held by EPA to address any questions the public might have. The bottom line is we will see illnesses asbestos related for many years to come. People that still have questions or concerns can come to the News 4 Health Fair and visit our booth #714 on January 28th and 29th . I will be happy to address concerns and point you in the right direction for assistance if you think you might be sick with asbestos related illnesses. You can call me if you’re like me and like to talk instead of typing.The Minnesota Department of Health along with ATSDR did a study on a processing plant just like the two we have that resulted in low level non-occupational illnesses that produced shocking results. The Traveling Libby Legacy: Minnesota Community Exhibits Nonoccupational Health Impacts Consistent with Asbestos Damage.  


This list is the best one I found so far. Please note the dates of use column on the right side there are many that are still used. That's right; we still use asbestos in America. Even the News people I talk to think asbestos is a thing of the past. Not true...

Environment Department Warns New Mexicans About the Dangers of Asbestos (August 11, 2011)

This link will get you all the information and latest news on Mesothelioma and Asbestos: 

Libby   (posted 2/20/2010)
Miller Confronts the Lessons of Asbestos in Libby, Mont.
A few words from Dr. Aubrey Miller about his work on the Libby disaster...he was one of the early heroes to address the problem.

October 2008

Insulation that’s almost pure asbestos has been found in homes in Helena, Bozeman and Livingston, prompting officials to urge residents to use caution if they come across the Karstolite insulation.

Colleen Owen, a project officer with the Montana Department of Environmental Quality, said most of the Karstolite has been found in the Bozeman area. That doesn’t surprise her, since it was milled from the Karst Mine near Big Sky.

“I don’t believe it’s particularly wide-spread, but it has been found here so we want people to be aware of it,” Owen said on Wednesday. “This differs from the Libby vermiculite because that has a very small percentage of actual asbestos contamination; but Karstolite is 80 to 100 percent pure asbestos. It’s not good stuff.”

Asbestos is a general name given to about six naturally occurring minerals normally locked in the earth’s crust. They can become dangerous, and even deadly, when their small particles are released into the air.

Karstolite is an anthophyllite form of asbestos; the Libby asbestos is the tremolite form, found in vermiculite ore.

Owen said she’s not sure if the Karstolite is more hazardous than Libby’s tremolite asbestos, which has caused hundreds of deaths, typically from the asbestos fibers from the insulation working their way into peoples’ lungs and causing asbestosis or lung cancer.
Owen said it would take years for scientists to study the Karstolite asbestos to discover the true nature of its hazards. She doesn’t want to be alarmist, but asbestos is a known human carcinogen.

“We’re telling people about it now because we would rather not take any chances,” Owen said.

The DEQ Web site has pictures of the Karstolite asbestos insulation. It looks like a whitish gray, fibrous material — almost like dirty cottage cheese, Owen said. The Libby asbestos is more like a puffed-up accordion.

John Podolinsky, a project officer with the DEQ Asbestos Control Program, said Karstolite was used from the 1920s to 1950s, mostly as attic insulation.

“An undetermined number of homes and commercial buildings built before 1960 may contain the insulation. We want to make sure the public is aware of this possibility and if someone finds Karstolite in their home or business that they take proper precautions for handling asbestos,” Podolinsky said.

Owen noted that Karstolite was discovered in a Livingston home after a house fire.

“The fire department responded to an incident, knocked through the ceiling, and this poured out,” she said.

The asbestos also has been found in Bozeman area soils.

“If you think you have found asbestos ore in your yard, park or near hiking trails, do not disturb or transport the soil yourself,” Owen said. “Contact the DEQ or refer to our Web site for more information.”

On the Web
To see the DEQ’s Web site about Karstolite, click here.

The Web site also includes a list of labs and consultants. People with questions can also call 1- 800-246-8198.

June 3, 2008 

 American Public Health Associations letter of support on asbestos ban in the US.

The below link is a letter sent by the APHA to Congress in support of the asbestos ban bill now in front of that body. Of great interest you will find that they take exception to the current version of the bill that would continue to allow those materials that are 1% or less to persist in the marketplace. This is a very well written should give it a read. APHA EC Asbestos letter final_.doc

For Immediate Release Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Asbestos Disease Awareness Organization Releases Findings that Reveal Evidence of Asbestos in Everyday Products

Containing Asbestos Include Children’s Toys, Appliances, Hardware & Household Goods and Home & Garden Items Washington, DC…November 28, 2007 ---

The Asbestos Disease Awareness Organization (ADAO), an organization dedicated to serving as the voice of asbestos victims, today unveiled research showing evidence of asbestos in some everyday household products, including Planet Toys "CSI Fingerprint Examination Kit", DAP "33" window glazing, DAP "Crack Shot" spackling paste, Gardner Leak Stopper roof patch, and Scotch High Performance Duct Tape. At a press conference held at the National Press Club in Washington, DC, ADAO reported findings based on a research study led by Scientific Analytical Institute, Inc., that examined more than 250 suspect products acquired at national commercial retailers within the last 18 months. Samples were drawn from diverse areas, including foods, drugs, toiletries, cosmetics, hardware, cleaning products, and children’s toys. Confirmation testing was conducted by two independent laboratories, MVA Scientific Consultants, Inc., and Bureau Veritas North America, Inc. Samples were analyzed for asbestos following the analytical procedures described in the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency “Test Method EPA/600/R-93/116: Method for the Determination of Asbestos in Bulk Building Materials”. The samples were examined by Polarized Light Microscopy (PLM) and by Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM), at magnifications from 100 to50,000 times. “I can definitively say that asbestos has been found and confirmed present in many different products,” stated Sean Fitzgerald, President Geologist and Senior Microscopist of Scientific Analytical Institute, Inc. “The initial question asked in this study was: ‘Do products currently for sale and available to the public in America contain asbestos?’ That question can now assuredly be answered, ‘Yes.’ In light of the substantial findings of this limited product survey, I believe that a more comprehensive program of product testing for asbestos in common household products is of utmost import.” “More than 100 years after asbestos exposure was first linked to disease in the modern world, asbestos continues to be the source of one of the largest manmade public health crises in history,” stated Linda Reinstein, Co-Founder & Executive Director of the Asbestos Disease Awareness Organization. “But exposure continues. We believe that an immediate worldwide ban on all asbestos-containing products is fully justified, absolutely necessary, and long overdue, and consumer education must increase. One life lost to an asbestos-caused disease is tragic; hundreds of thousands of lives lost is unconscionable.”“Although their significance has often successfully been obscured in the public debate through political and financialissues raised by those who profit from asbestos, the fact of the matter is that asbestos fibers are agents of death,”according to Michael R. Harbut, MD, MPH, FCCP, Co-Director, Karmanos Cancer Institute's National Center for

Vermiculite and Asbestos-Related Cancers. “There is no such thing as a safe level of exposure to asbestos fibers. Each and every fiber represents an increased risk of unnecessary death and unnecessary suffering.”

January 20,2008 

The Morris family leased a home in the Inez area of Albuquerque. They didn’t know what was falling into their kitchen cabinets and getting their dishes dirty. They also noticed the same stuff in their closet getting on their clothes. They realized this stuff was coming from a gap in the ceiling where the wall meets. It was also in the heater vents. After talking to the property owner, they took matters into their own hands and took a sample to be analyzed at Assaigai Laboratories. The results clearly identified Actinolite asbestos contaminated vermiculite. The vermiculite was used as attic insulation in this home. It is also found in walls used for the same reason. There is good reason to believe there are many homes in the Inez area of town that also have vermiculite in the attic. The truth is; many areas in Albuquerque could contain vermiculite from Libby Montana. Entire family trees are dying off in the Libby area because of low-level exposure to this amphibole class asbestos. Nightline did a story about this in 2006. You can go to the EPA web site to learn more about their efforts to clean up.The foundation received a call from the State Environment Department on December 18, 2007 with all of the information regarding the Morris family situation. I was asked to contact them to see if the foundation could help. This state and federal laws do not address individual homes and so there for, none of the state agencies could help. The State Health Department did provide information regarding braking a lease due to unsafe living conditions and not correcting them in a timely manner. The foundation passed this information onto the Morris family. The foundation also contacted the property owner to offer assistance in abating this hazard as well as to request letting this family out of their lease agreement. The owner was reluctant until I explained the hazard and the fact that there is no safe level of exposure to asbestos. The Morris family discovered two bags of W.R. Grace Vermiculite from Libby Montana in the attic. One only needs to look into the Libby Montana EPA superfund efforts to clean up this hazard to understand just how bad this stuff is.The truth is; the federal and state laws do not require this property owner to make this house safe to live in regarding the asbestos hazard. I have no way of knowing if the property owner addressed this hazard. I can only tell you that he was very concerned about the cost involved to abate this hazard. The foundation could not assist in offsetting the cost due to lack of funding.This is a good example of what we all will have to live with form many years to come. The contaminated vermiculite that came from Libby Montana made its way throughout the country to include Albuquerque. Your help is needed to address this problem. Contact the foundation if you have any questions about asbestos or if you would like to make a charitable contribution. There are over 3,000 products that contain asbestos. Visit the Johnny O. Perea Foundation web site for a list of materials used in construction or email us at . We are here to help.       

 Testimonial from the Morris family Posted on                                 

 I am so glad I found the Johnny O. Perea Foundation. We discovered an asbestos issue in our rental home, and Charles Perea's name and number was passed on to me. Much to my surprise, my number was also passed to him and he called me before I could call him. He patiently listened to my concerns, gave me a little hope and peace during a frightening time, and even made an appointment to come over the next day to see the problem-free of charge. He said he would work hand in hand with my landlord not only to help him get rid of the asbestos, but also to convince him that letting us out of the lease due to the unsafe conditions of the home would be the only right thing to do. The free service that the Johnny O. Perea Foundation provides is so very important. Asbestos is still out there. It's not illegal, and it's in our homes. Charles' goal is to arm homeowners (and renters like us) with information and options to remove the asbestos for as minimal a cost as possible. He's not doing this for a fee; he's not in it for the money or glory. The Johnny O. Perea Foundation is doing this for one reason-concern for all of us who are exposed to deadly asbestos in our homes every day. Chuck runs the foundation with love in his heart and optimism in humanity that is beautiful and astounding. Thank you, Charles and the Johnny O. Perea Foundation!

January 6, 2008

The Johnny O. Perea Foundation has requested a meeting with the Governor in the State of New Mexico to assist in expediting and enhance the educational outreach efforts. There is no reason to wait to further definition on how deadly, deadly is. The best data out there indicates over 100,000 people die annually and there is no known safe level of exposure. There has been a great deal of controversy over the years to include how many job's have been lost due to big company's having to settle claims from law suits. The only outreach efforts that I have seen come from lawyers wanting to represent victims (If you or a loved one has Mesothelioma, contact the law firm of _____ _____.). The bottom line to me is clear; asbestos kills people every year. There is no end in sight. As long as asbestos is in our communities and lives we will have exposure that will lead to death, unless, we can prevent exposures! EPA does not deal with individual homes. OSHA regulations do not ether. All homes/structures could contain asbestos. Educational outreach needs to address everyone not just workers in a work place where the regulations do apply. Every time exposure occurs, there is the possibility that illness will follow. Not right away mind you, it could take many years to reveal itself as cancer, ten to fifty years. I lost my father to mesothelioma, as you know…. It is in your home and you need to know where and what to do about it. Call the foundation for more information on how you can help. Here is what EPA is doing..........

Strategic Plan Target
• Sub-Objective: 4.1.1 Reduce Chemical Risks. By 2011, prevent and reduce chemical risks to humans, communities, and ecosystems.
The Agency’s Strategic Plan has no specific strategic targets for asbestos. OPPTS Regional Office resources support the reduction of asbestos risks through the implementation of the Asbestos Project Plan.

Long-Term Strategy

In November 2005, EPA issued the Asbestos Project Plan, which describes EPA’s current and planned actions to ensure a coordinated Agency-wide approach to identify, evaluate and reduce risks to people from asbestos exposure. The plan focuses on improving the state of the science for asbestos; identifying and addressing exposure and seeking risk reduction opportunities associated with asbestos in products, schools and buildings; and better understanding and minimizing asbestos exposures through assessment and cleanup of contaminated sites.
EPA will continue its scientific research on asbestos.
The Agency will continue its outreach and technical assistance for the asbestos program for schools, in coordination with other Federal agencies, states, the National Parent-Teachers Association, and the National Education Association. EPA will also continue to provide oversight and regulatory interpretation to delegated state and local asbestos demolition and renovation programs, respond to tips and complaints regarding the Asbestos-in-Schools Rule, respond to public requests for assistance, and help asbestos training providers comply with the Model Accreditation Plan requirements.

Charles R. Perea