Some success stories


The Johnny O. Perea Foundation (JOPF) is proud to report the progress made so far in completing its mission. We continue to attend Health Fairs in New Mexico to get this preventive information out. We have been able to assist many people in determining how to go about making repairs in their home without disturbing materials like popcorn ceilings simply by talking about alternative methods like painting over the material. Here are a few other examples of what the foundation has been able to assist:


August 1, 2007, 180 Peralta on the Cochiti Pueblo, New Mexico, this home had popcorn ceiling that was in need of repair after a leak in the roof stained it. The roof was repaired but the ceiling was falling apart. Andrew took samples on his own because he remembered hearing that ceilings could contain asbestos. The samples came back 12% Chrysotile asbestos. Kimball and Andrew contacted the JOPF to find out what they might be able to do on their own to deal with this hazard. Charles Perea drove out and looked at the ceiling, took pictures and determined that the ceiling did need to be removed. Instructions and assistance on how to properly scrape the texture using wet methods were provided and followed. All of the materials were properly handled and disposed of in accordance with state and federal regs. Kimball is 8 Months pregnant and they have a 5-year-old boy. They will never have to worry about the ceiling again.


July 17, 2007, 1400 Los Arboles NW in Albuquerque; this home had an old heater that was no longer working properly and was in need of replacement. The owner wishes to remain off the record because she lives alone in this house after her husband died in 2001. She contacted the foundation after finding out the wrap on the heater pipes were suspected asbestos by the heater contractor that was there to give a quote on replacing the heater. She contacted all of the listed asbestos abatement contractors to have the asbestos removed and was given quotes that averaged $4,000.00. She was referred to the foundation by ACME Environmental because she explained that she did not have much money and she was retired. Charles Perea, founder of the JOPF collected and processed samples that came back 70% Chrysotile asbestos. This is typical of heater wrap used in the 1940’s around the time this home was built. Yes, this is a high amount of asbestos and yes, disturbance would have caused health concerns. The owner of this house has a new heater and again, the asbestos was removed without causing disturbance using wet methods and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). All of the materials removed were disposed of in accordance with state and federal regs.


March 2007, a tornado damaged many homes in the Clovis, NM area. The foundation attended two Town Hall Meetings to address concerns regarding asbestos materials in the damaged homes. Alicia & Jesse Gutierrez at 1212 S. Oak Clovis, NM 88101 was told that their home was not safe to occupy because of the damage to the roof and ceiling in the house. They were told by the inspector that the materials were asbestos and that the home would probably be demolished. They did not have homeowners insurance so they would have been left homeless. The foundation assessed the damage and took many samples to determine if asbestos was present. All of the materials sampled came back from Assaigai Laboratories in Albuquerque negative for asbestos (NAD). In this case, the fact that this home did not have asbestos in the damaged materials allowed Alicia & Jesse to keep their house. The home was repaired and is occupied at this time. Charles Perea was also able to talk on the Grant McGee radio show KTQM on 4/9/2007 in Clovis, NM and was published in the Portales News-Tribune on 3/31/2007.


November 28, 2006 108 South 3rd Raton, NM Karen & Bo Fulsom contacted the foundation because they were trying to dispose of a box of asbestos pipe mud they found in their basement. They did call around to find out how to get rid of this box. One contractor actually told Karen to just dig a hole in the backyard and bury it (we wont name names). Once the foundation found out, we were able to have this material picked up and disposed of in accordance with state rules. We also took samples of materials that were disturbed because of renovations taking place identifying materials to avoid such as the textured ceiling.


February 1, 2006, 1517 Osage Rd SW Albuquerque, NM This house had a flooring problem that required the removal of three layers of old flooring. The problem was new flooring would not hold up to the wait of chairs and other heavy items. It was tearing so the installer determined that the only way to fix it was to remove all of the old flooring. The foundation was called in to determine if asbestos was in the old flooring. After samples were processed, two out of the three layers did in fact contain asbestos. On February 2, 2006, GranCor Enterprises removed and disposed of the asbestos flooring in accordance with state and federal laws. As a homeowner, you cannot transport asbestos in accordance with state solid waste rules. If you violate the rules, you are subject to citations and fines. The residences, to include grandkids were not exposed to the hazard of airborne asbestos because of this floor repair. They would have if the contractor would have just continued to tear out the old flooring. 


The foundation has also answered many questions from people that are considering repairs or renovations. The recent years have been bad for flooding and other natural events that cause damage to materials. The JOPF will continue to provide information and relief for people that know that we are a resource. Funding is the big hurdle right now but answering questions is free. Please pass the foundation information on so that others can get the help before disturbance occurs.


Charles R. Perea