1980 Suzuki RM-250T

I always preferred the '79 RM-N model to the T, but the two are very similar, and I found this bike in pretty good shape on Ebay for $200., AND it was almost completely ALL THERE. It even had the kick stand! It needed a little TLC but not much. I had it bored (first oversize!), and put on some Fox Airshox and it screamed!!!  I knew right then that I had to restore it ahead of my other projects and use it as my 250 race bike. It had some really trick porting and polishing which made it fly. I don't know who did the work, or when, but it is quick. It also has a flat-slide Keihin carburetor which I'm not too keen on, but I am reluctant to alter it, as it really roosts. It was a fun bike, and I regretted selling it, but we fell on hard times and something needed to go. 

Original Ebay ad.     First step, put on the Fox Airshox!

 Replaced the silencer with a stock one, and pull the front end for the new tripple clamps and forks. Note the Maier RM-C2 rear fender and NOS sidepanels.    This bike flies. I still need a new seat. I got new repro seat covers, but the seat underneath is cracked into several pieces.   

Here it is about ready to race, with a new seat cover, reworked plastic, rebuilt top end, and a lot of work on the little things:



When these shots were taken, I still needed to refinish some metal surfaces, replace the swing-arm bushings, the grips, and two rear spokes. I also had a 1980 front fender I was refinishing to make it more period accurate. I can't believe how much lighter this bike seemed versus the 1978 1/2 RM-250C2. It felt 20 pounds lighter! This bike is a feather, with an afterburner!

Here is the bike wearing its newly stripped, shaved, sanded and polished front fender. Next step is to strip and repaint the pipe, which was almost dent free. Cosmetic changes are all that are left, which really means sanding, stripping and refinishing. 


Here it is with its new swing-arm bearings, new clutch, new grips, new (old) tank, new brake pads, and a new fuel line. I still haven't fixed the spokes (I HATE prying off tires), but other then that it's ready to roost. Here are a few of the latest pics:



I sold this bike before getting a chance to race it. I dumped a lot of money into it, and ALMOST broke even, so I don't feel too bad. I hope its new owner finishes the restoration, and races this bike.  I was sad to see it go...I will now focus on the 1979 RM-250N...and hopefully won't be forced to sell it!