CAR 54


Here is a listing of the various opening segments shown
at the beginning of each Car 54 episode:

1) Toody and Muldoon salute the police commissioner as they drive by
    him, thus causing Toody to drop the ice cream out of his cone.

2) Toody and Muldoon are playing checkers on the dashboard while on
    patrol, Muldoon hits a bump in the road causing the pieces to move,
    and Toody wins the game.

3) Toody dons a disguise as a female blond in hopes of being able to
    catch a crook.

4) Toody and Muldoon realize they are wearing each other's hats.

5) Toody plays a joke on Muldoon by putting a pop-out snake in a fake
    can of "peanuts". (My personal favorite)

6) Toody waves a fake spider on a string in front of Muldoon, causing
    no reaction out of him. The spider lands on a clipboard, Toody
    reaches for it, and gets "spooked" himself.

7) Toody forgets he is wearing sunglasses at dusk and has to use a
    flashlight to see what he is writing in his report.

8) Toody tries to figure out why the two-way radio doesn't work.
    Muldoon shows him that the handset isn't plugged into it.

9) Toody opens his lunch box to find that Lucille has packed everything
    into it.....except the food.

10) Toody and Muldoon are driving around handcuffed to each other
     because they lost the handcuff key.

11) Toody is playing a flute, which makes a cobra snake appear. Muldoon can't
     believe his eyes. When he tries to make Toody look, the snake disappears.