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Dinner Menu



 Ensalada Conchita

mixed baby greens with dried fruit and balsamic tequila vinaigrette, served in a delicate phyllo basket and sprinkled with goat cheese - 8.50

 Ensalada Cesar

the classic, created in México, served with shaved parmesan cheese - 7.50 

Castillo de Jaiba

fresh jumbo lump crabmeat stacked with avocado and tomatoes, napped with lemon vinaigrette - 14.50

Sopa de Poblano

purée of roasted poblano peppers in a creamy vegetable stock, flavored with oregano and garnished with smoked salmon - 10.50

 Corn Bisque

fresh corn puréed with vegetable stock and a touch of cream, flavored with brandy and ancho chiles and adorned with jumbo shrimp - 12.50

Wild Mushroom Flan

creamy flan of mixed mushrooms sprinkled with cilantro pesto - 9.50

 Dumplings don Antonio

pasta wrappers filled with minced beef tenderloin flavored with hoisin and guajillo, and served with a lightly spiced ginger-orange sauce - 9.50


 Crab Cake Purse Arcelia

made with fresh crab, baked in crisp phyllo dough and served with carrot-curry sauce - 29.00

 Scallops don Bernardo

tender jumbo scallops robed in kataifi and served with a sauce of red wine reduction and jamaica flowers - 27.00

 Shrimp Vol-au-Vent

jumbo shrimp and fresh spring vegetables in habanero-chardonnay sauce, served in a puff pastry nest - 26.00

 Tilapia a la Veracruzana

pan-seared tilapia filet served with olives, peppers, and capers in tomato coulis - 26.00

 Escolar al Pipián

baked filet of escolar with a delicate crust of pepitas, with ancho pesto sauce - 25.00

Dover Sole Doña Emma

sautéed filet of Dover sole with a creamy vanilla-jalapeño-ginger sauce - 28.00

Relleno Carenzo

tender roast loin of pork stuffed with huitlacoche mousse and served in a complex sauce made with a blend of dried Mexican peppers - 25.00

 Duckling Paloma

slices of tender roasted duck breast stuffed with jamaica flowers and finished with a red wine reduction sauce flavored with mamey and morita chiles - 26.00

 Rack of Lamb Tapatío

tender roasted rack of lamb with a pasilla-red wine reduction sauce served with risotto finished with white truffle oil - 34.00

 Filete al Cafetál

grilled filet mignon served atop a portobello mushroom with espresso-chipotle-red wine reduction sauce - 30.00



Coffee - Espresso - Cappuccino - Assorted Teas (all available in regular or decaf)

Beers, wines, and iced teas are described in our wine list



Our selection of homemade desserts varies daily



- The chef will gladly adjust the spiciness of any dish to suit your palate.

- A gratuity of 20% will be added for parties of six or more.

- Sharing charges apply for appetizers and entrées when plated separately.


Adán Saavedra, Chef



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