Baby Care
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Baby Wash & Shampoo (Common Sense) This lightly scented body wash contains natural moisturizers and is great for adults with sensitive skin, too!
Price = $7.75 (SRP $7.95) (8.5 fl. oz.)
  Baby Lotion (Common Sense) A wonderful deep moisturizing lotion that is lightly scented. Contains an infusion of chamomile & rose, shea butter, sweet almond and safflower along with Vitamin E, calendula and beeswax.
Price = $12.75 (SRP $12.95) (8.5 fl. oz.)
  Baby Powder (Common Sense) This soft and gentle powder contains corn starch, oat flower and french white clay to absorb, moisturize and soften skin.  Powdered slippery elm (a traditional anti-irritant) and many other herbs make up this naturally fragrant powder.
Price = $7.75 (SRP $7.95) (2.6 oz.)
  Apricot Baby Oil (Burt's Bees) Add this to baby's bath or gently massage on skin as a deep moisturizer.
Price = $13.50 (SRP $14.00) (8 fl. oz.)
  Buttermilk Bath (Burt's Bees) A wonderful addition to baby's bath to help keep skin soft and smooth.  Packaged in a pint-sized "milk bottle."
Price = $15.50 (SRP $16.00) (9 oz.)
  Buttermilk Soap (Burt's Bees) A gentle yet great moisturizing & cleansing bar that lathers nicely and rinses easily.
Price = $4.75 (SRP $5.00) (3.5 oz.)
  Shampoo Bar (Burt's Bees) This shampoo won't spill!  It's a bar that lathers up quickly so it lasts a long time and it rinses easily from baby's hair.
Price = $5.75 (SRP $6.00) (3.5 oz.)
  Buttermilk Lotion  (Burt's Bees) A deep moisturizing lotion that's great for all of baby's skin.  Lightly and naturally fragrant.  Enriched with Vitamin E, aloe vera and buttermilk.  Great for the whole family!
Price = $8.50 (SRP $9.00) (7 fl. oz.)
  Dusting Powder (Burt's Bees) A cornstarch based powder made with fragrant herbs and flowers.  Great for soothing chafing, prickly heat and skin irritation.
  Price = $5.75 (SRP $6.00) (4.5 oz.)
  Diaper Ointment (Burt's Bees) A zinc-oxide based ointment enriched with beeswax, essential oils, herbal extracts and vitamins E and A helps with breakouts and prickly heat.  A little bit goes a long way!
Price = $7.25 (SRP $7.50) (1.75 oz.)


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