Ear Candles
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Beeswax Earcandles Handmade beeswax earcandles are a wonderful way to keep ears and sinuses clear and healthy.  Beeswax is completely natural and burns cleaner and longer.  
Price = $2.50 each

Paraffin Earcandles Handmade paraffin earcandles are made with bleached muslin for very sanitary usage.  They work very well in cleaning the sinuses and ear canals.
Price = $1.75 each

Ear Discs  Protect your face with these reusable discs.  The earcandles fit through the center and they rest on your face for added protection while candling.
  Price = $.40 (40 cents) each

Ear Candling Booklet  This handy booklet explains the history of earcandling, the proper technique and massage therapy associated with earcandling.  A very necessary tool!
  Price = $3.95 each

Ear Oil  This herbal oil helps loosen build up in the ear canal and helps promote healthy ears.  A great asset to earcandling!  Oil is packaged in an amber bottle with a dropper; size = 2 fl. oz.
  Price = $10.95 each

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