Wraps and Pillows
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Our Herbal Neck Wraps, Eye Pillows, Sleep Pillows and Catnip Pillows are filled with wonderful herbs that have full-bodied aromas to help you relax, relieve swollen eyes and help you sleep. 
Each one is hand-crafted and filled with the finest dried herbs.

Herbal Neck Wraps Handmade of a soft material that wraps comfortably around your neck.  It is able to be warmed in the microwave for the best effect.  The aromas from the herbs and the warmth on your neck allow you fully and easily enjoy a totally relaxing experience!
Price = $15.99


Silky Eye Pillows Handmade of silky material, this pillow feels smooth on your eyelids.  It is able to be chilled in the refrigerator or freezer to help relieve swollen or puffy eyes.  Eye pillow comes in a washable sleeve.
Price = $9.99

"Peaceful Slumber" Mini Dream Pillows Handmade of a durable material that allows it to be squeezed before placing it between your pillow case and pillow before you go to bed.  Squeezing it activates the oils in the herbs to give you an aromatherapy experience that helps you relax and fall asleep more easily.
Price = $2.95

Catnip Pillows We can't forget our furry friends when it comes to experiencing the delight of herbs.  Your cats will enjoy this herbal treat!
Price = $1.95      New Lower Price!!  Was $2.95

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