Crete and the Minoan Civilization

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Minoan Chronology
Nikolas Platon (palace based) Evans, et al (pottery based)
Pre-Palatial Early Minoan I
3650-3000 BC
Early Minoan II
2900-2300 BC
Bronze Age in Crete started around 2600 BC
Early Minoan III
2300-2160 BC
Middle Minoan IA
2160-1900 BC
Proto-Palatial Middle Minoan IB
1900-1800 BC
Middle Minoan II
1800-1700 BC
Around 1700 BC, there was a disaster, perhaps an earthquake or invasion from Anatolia. The palaces (Knossos, Phaistos, Malia, and Kato Zakros) were destroyed. Rebuilt later in Neo-Palatial.
Neo-Palatial (represents the height of the Minoan Civilization) Middle Minoan IIIA
1700-1640 BC
Middle Minoan IIIB
1640-1600 BC
Thera erupted sometime between 1630-1600 BC, causing much destruction to the Minoan civilization.
Late Minoan IA
1600-1480 BC
Late Minoan IB
1480-1425 BC
Around 1425 BC some catastrophe destroyed all the palaces. Only Knossos was ever rebuilt.
Post-Palatial Late Minoan II
1425-1390 BC
Around 1420, shortly after the destruction of the palaces, the Myceneans conquered Crete. The Myceneans who adapted the Linear A Minoan script to the needs of their own Mycenaean language, a form of Greek, which was written in Linear B.
Late Minoan IIIA1
1390-1370 BC
Late Minoan IIIA2
1370-1340 BC
Some partial recovery.
Late Minoan IIIB
1340-1190 BC
Goes into decline. Knossus remains an administrative center until about 1200 BC.
Late Minoan IIIC
1190-1170 BC
1100 BC


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