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Go ahead! Fill out the application.
Go ahead! Fill out the application.Show the world where your heads at!

Show the world where your heads at!


Densa is an international society with
one qualification for membership:
fill out the damn application!

Why me?
Why Densa?

It's a fact, in the world there are smart people and, let's just say, people who've maintained a closer relationship with lead paint than is considered healthy.

And then there's the rest of us.

People who may not be smart enough to join any of those smart people groups but want to celebrate what little brain matter conjures up those guttural bon mots just before dinner.

Or maybe you are one of 'those people' who could join 'those people' in their group but wouldn't want to be in a room when 'those people' begin to talk about such pressing matters in such pretentious tones that only 'those people' can. And by 'pretentious tones' I mean 'boring as all get out.'

So come on! Join Densa! Join for someone else! Fill out the application and show the world you're proud of your nescience!

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