45" Flathead and Servicar Parts

NOS late 1973 only six lug rear brake drum for servicar. Still in motor company box with lug protectors attached. You either need one of these or you don't.  $150

1966-73? right hand shift gas and oil tanks with OEM emblems. I have not removed paint to verify any dents, however the tanks appear to be very solid. The badge mounts appear to be factory mounts, however the gas tank mount is pointed at both ends (as opposed to square) and sticks out about 1/4" past badge at each end. Badge screws line up exactly correct with holes in mount. Tried to show this in photo. This is one of better tank sets I have had recently.  $400




Used OEM servicar rear differential sprocket. Good condition, fits 1932-73 models, Sold
This is a used seat tee which has poor chrome. Otherwise, it is in good shape. Rough up chrome with wire brush on drill and paint black. $65
Used OEM servicar rear bumper for metal box, good shape, $120.00.
1947 and up right hand side shifter assembly (with reverse). Includes shifter knob, shifter lever, and cross over shaft. Does not have lever that goes on left side and attaches to shifter rod and clevis. The nut that fastens shifter lever to cross over rod appears to be rusted on, easy fix. Shift gate has bad chrome, however all other parts are in good condition. $100   Sold

This is an OEM used 16" rear wheel for a mechanical brake Servicar. This is the wheel with the sold rear hub with keyway for axle shaft. Has one very small ding at out edge of rim (I can send a photo) which could be easily knocked out or run as is. Area of threads at outer edge area of hub has some damage, however I believe is fixable. Tried to show this in photo. Has surface rust and needs a good media blasting, $150.
Pre 1937? set of heads for 45" flathead with stock threaded holes for factory gas primer cups. Stud holes have not been enlarged. Several broken fins, however good threads in sparkplug holes & primer cups. Very usable as is. Needs cleaning, good overall condition, $90.
45" flathead scavenger oil pump, does not have gasket, $85.  Sold
Used OEM center section from servicar rear end. These parts fit 1938-1973 models. Many of the parts fit back to 1934. These parts have always been in service together. All parts are included, with exception of one set of  axle "C" clips and chain sprocket.  The long shaft side adjustable bearing race (at lower left) has buggered fingers and a hairline crack at the outer area which houses dust seal, all other parts are in good operable condition, Sold.
Set of 45" flathead cams , $100. Sold
Set of 45" flathead frame neck cups for springer front end, $20.
These are six of the #85017-46 OEM rear apron shims which shim between servicar steel box apron and two rear brackets which attach sub frame to rear apron of box, $35.

Original servicar steel box top for 1942-67 models. Has piano hinge mounted on front and four small holes drilled in top for seat mount (easy fix). Top was media blasted, primed, and painted matte black. The rear OEM handles are included. The bar between the handles is not original, however has very good appearance. It is made of the correct diameter electrical conduit with caps on the ends. It is riveted to the bottom of the handles so it does not spin. The box top has good shape with only very minor dings, ran on my servi for two years, $300 w/rear handles or $275 w/o rear handles. Sold
Original equipment Guide tail light, no lens/no trim ring. Actually have two, both were media blasted and primed, $25 each or $45 for the pair.. Sold
Good used mechanical brake servicar rear axle housing with brake backing plate, no bearings at either end. This is the long housing that goes on the left side, $85.
NOS 45" low gear trans shifter clutch, 1941-73 model WL/WLA, $40.
Pair of 1942-73 rear box upper shock absorber brackets with bolts. I believe these to be OEM, $50. Sold
OEM 45" flathead generator strap, $20.  Sold
Pair of used OEM 1937?-50 servicar backing plates for mechanical brake rear end. Surface rust in some areas, good condition, $25 each or $40 for the pair..
22 tooth motor sprocket for 45" flathead, 1941-73, $20.
Set of used OEM brake shoes which will fit front end on 1941-57 servicar springer front end and rear end of 1937-50 servicar with mechanical brakes. Has old pads, will probably need pads replaced, Sold
Used, but in good shape, 1950-58 gas shut and reserve valve. $25.

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