2nd page of  Flathead and Servicar parts

WLA air box for oil air filter. Typical scratches, however in very usable condition. Has wire screen still attached and four special screws which fasten to your M88 are included.  $50  Sold


OEM Eaton gas and oil tank caps. These are later model which have the word "Eaton" in the logo. One photo shows logo, however it is not real clear in photo. Caps are in original condition. Areas of chorme flaked off tops. $60.  Lost!!!!!

Used OEM steel servicar box for 1942-67 models. The box has been media blasted, straightened, primed, and painted matte black. It has good shape, however the idiot that replaced metal floor did not square box up prior to welding in floor. The box has good appearance and a top will close, however one corner of top will drag on corner of box. This was a true mental giant that installed this floor. Anyway there is a tongue & grooved pine upper floor and side braces made from non original aluminum stock. Aluminum braces and pine floor have good appearance for rider, however would not be appropriate for correct restoration. Only needed repair on side of box is incorrectly installed small area of metal at front  right corner and stretched area of metal above it. The bad repair is were a rusted area was cut out and is located behind the front valance, but needs better repair. I used box for two years with out of square floor, however metal floor does need to be squared and reinstalled. I will work with buyer delivering to shipper of buyer's choice. I will deliver to a shipper within 50 miles or so. $550..
OEM police speedo with rear door opening for trip set. I believe this is a 62-67 model, however not sure of year or ratio. This speedo does not appear to have ever been opened. Odometer and mileage trip meter work, however needle only bumps and speed does not correctly register, Sold
Set of NOS valve springs for 45" flathead, very minor surface rust on several areas, $25.
New repro 1940-49 gas shut off valve kit. I bought this kit new from 45 Restoration and never used it. I am fairly sure kit is complete, all parts are shown in photo, $40.

45" flathead timer stop, $15.
Used OEM rear box bumper brackets for 1946-67? Servicar, Sold.
Used OEM rear box handles for steel box Servicar 1946-67?, $25. Sold
Used OEM steel box side handles for Servicar 1946-67?, these have been media blasted and painted, some pitting. One has a weld at the lower area which bolts to box side. They are in good original condition, $100. Sold
Used OEM brackets which attached front box apron to steel box on 1941-67 Servicar?, $25. Sold
Springer brake shackle bar for 45" solo are early Servicar with rocker fitting on inside of springer leg. Chrome is worn and has been roughed up for paint. I believe it to be a repro, $20.
Kick starter arm for BT or 45" solo, probably repro, $15.
Front cylinder for 45" flathead. Has been media blasted in the past, minimum surface rust, all good threads, and has no broken fins. I measured bore at 2.787 which would require a .50 to .60 overbore.  I need to get $80.
Rear cylinder for 45" flathead. Rusted, needs cleaning. One head bolt hole has messed up threads and needs repair. This bore measures 2.810 which would be a .70 to .80 overbore. I need to get $35 for this one.
Used OEM fuel strainer with screen. I believe this is correct strainer for 1950-65, however can be used on other models. The top has several minor scratches (not buggered up with vice grips when removed) and threads are good. The strainer is in good condition, $35.
This is a new repro #71466-67 servicar electric starter relay switch. I bought new from V Twin and never used. It will work as a starter relay with 12 volt system, $10.

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