Linkert Carbs and Parts

This page contains a mix of used parts, partial carbs, and complete carbs. The complete carbs are referred to as "refurbished". Refurbished means that they have a rebuild kit installed with new float, soft nosed float needle and seat, throttle shafts (and bushings when needed), and gaskets. I have throughly cleaned all parts and assembled. I do not bead blast parts, they are soaked in carb cleaning solution and have no glass beads in them. Venturi size will be correct for stock application of carb. Floats and high & low speed needles are adjusted to factory specifications for start up and will require further tuning after first warm up. If you are not familiar with Linkert tuning, I include a copy of basic Linkert tuning instructions with each refurbished carb. The  bowl nut is left loose so you can install your fuel line prior to tightening and crushing gasket. Please see my page on tuning linkerts for specifics on tuning to match your motor. All parts in the refurbished carbs are functional and will give good operation. When constructing these carbs, there are reused parts such as exterior screws, bolts, throttle lever, chock lever, venturi, main nozzle, chock and throttle discs, etc. which are functional and have acceptable appearance. Some may have minor scratches or scars, however none are bad. I will try to give a detailed description of each carb and it's parts. Feel free to ask for additional pictures.  If any problems; such as bad threads, broken bolts, etc., I will make my best effort to make them known. If not satisfied with carb, let me know and send back unused carb within 3-4 days. When I say unused, I mean the carb cannot have had gas in it and is complete as shipped. I will refund original sales price, however not shipping costs. The amount of new and used parts in each carb varies (see individual descriptions) and I make my best effort to offer very usable Linkerts with good appearance. For questions or photos, please reference number assigned to carb next to price.


Carb Stuff For Sale

The applications listed for following carbs were derived from Palmer book. Please verify that the carb is correct for your bike.


M 4 - Four line Linkert. This is incomplete carb with body, bowl, bolt nut, and float needle. It is my understanding that this is a very early factory replacement for Schebler carb on 1932-33 DL and RL. This is a three bolt carb with two bolt holes for flame retarder (pre air filter). This carb includes early style brass float bowl with builtin float needle valve seat, applicable float lever/needle combo for this float bowl, and bowl nut. Traces of original nickle plating remain. All other standard linkert parts fit. Bowl has some pits/scratches and head on bowl nut is boogered from pliers, but all threads are good. This is a very restorable carb. Sold

M 51-  Three line Linkert. This is a complete refurbished carb with all parts and ready to use. It has a new cork float, new repo high and low speed needle valve units, new throttle shaft and bushings, NOS chock disc, and new modern float needle and seat. The chock adjusting lever has a light coat of "cad in a can". Carb can be used on almost any three bolt manifold for 45 flathead, but correct uses are 1940-48 U and UL, 1942-48 WL, WLD, 1942 US Navy. $325 (carb #11)

M 18 - Body only, throughly cleaned and ready to build. Correct for 1949-58 W and Servicar. Sold

M  51 - Four line Linkert. This is a complete refurbished carb with all parts ready to use. It has a new cork float,  new throttle shaft and bushings, and new modern float needle and seat. This carb has the bowl with float lever bearing screw (screw on both sides of bowl) and drain plug which would be technically correct for 1939 U or UL. The carb body is correct for 1937-39 U or UL. Sold