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Other Assorted Harley Parts

These are 1954-59 glide handlebars with spirals and all internal spiral parts. Although not shown in photos, all internal spiral parts are there, including return springs. The only thing missing are the two small cable plug screws that anchor the cables. These bars are straight and appear to be OEM. The second picture shows two small cracks at narrow edges of center reinforcing bar which need to be spot welded. Chrome finish has flaked off of one side and the bars need to be replated or powercoated. One side has two holes for headlight and horn switches and the other side has single hole for speedo set switch. According to Palmer, these would be correct for a police motorcycle with the speedo set switch. $275   Sold
VL and UL lower OEM valve cover set. Good threads and fairly good condition with several scratches, Sold
This is a used buddy seat with rear chrome "V" grab rail bar, with a stamped date on the seat pan of 1-69. It was originally a white seat which I dyed black with Eastwood prep and dye products to use on my scooter for about 6 months until I found the correct seat. The seat has no cuts, however it is dyed, and the pan is in good shape. The chrome "V" bar is covered with extremely small blisters or rust pits in the chrome which are visible from within 2 or 3 feet. I believe the "V" grab rail bar was stored poorly at sometime. This seat is fine for an unrestored rider, however would not be good for a restoration. I will sell it sold "as is" for the price of $35. It is fairly heavy and I will be glad to quote a shipping price.
OEM Prestolite 12 volt starter motor, has burnt and missing brush and one missing brush spring. I will include a new set of replacement brushes. As shown in photo, 1 of new brushes does not have attaching wire. Starter fits 1966-82 BT (31458-66TA), $35.
Used 44136-84A OEM front brake rotor fits all single or dual disc applications from 1984-99. I don't know how many miles it has on it, but is has a lot of use left, $25.
Used set of staggered duals with tapered style mufflers for 1970-84 FL with electric or kick start. Stock floor boards are retained with special floor board adapter (included), rear pipe goes around front of transmission and fiberglass saddle bags and rear crash bars can be retained. Includes fastener to frame, pipes are slightly blued at inlets and scratched on bottom, however have fairly good appearance on bike, $30.
This is a new aftermarket inner tin primary mounting kit for 1936-54 BT. Still in package, $10.
Used OEM front tappet block #18600 with both tappets and one adjuster bolt. One ear of the block, were screw goes through, is broken off. With exception of broken off ear, this piece is in fairly good condition. Fits 1953-65 BT, $25.
Set of Sportster rods, numbers 24292-52 and 24296-52. The set is $20.
Sportster "P" cam, still researching this application, will update soon..
I believe this is a used 1950-64 OHV breather valve, also fits 1936-49 with correct spacer. This part appears to have some wear, however it should be usable, $15. I will be glad to send additional pictures.

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