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Chocolate Gratitude by Daisy Dexter Dobbs  Read an Excerpt

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ISBN: 9781587851339

Book 2 in the Greek Delights series. Other books in this series:
Book 1: Exercising Her Options
Book 3: Darling Scarecrow

Image designed and copyrighted by Daisy Dexter Dobbs 2014 A contemporary romance, Chocolate Gratitude is book 2 in the Greek Delights series.

George Kokoris is fascinated by the shapely little blonde behind the counter at the chocolate shop. Accustomed to the attentions of beautiful women, he's surprised when he finds it necessary to turn his charm on high. Not only does the sales clerk seem uninterested, she gets downright combative each time he opens his mouth. While he's never been one to pass up a challenge, George wonders if this one is worth the time and trouble.

Chocolatier Helen Krasilkowski is overjoyed when her best friend finds true love. Her first glimpse of photos of the gorgeous new boyfriend has Helen spellbound. Once she regains her senses, she tucks all inappropriate thoughts about the guy into the far recesses of her mind. All that changes when the clearly unfaithful hunk walks into her shop and tries to seduce her.

Someone's been mighty busy playing matchmaker...and doing the world's worst job. Meanwhile, Helen's devastated for her best friend while George is at the absolute end of his patience. If the duo fails to figure things out, they're in danger of botching a golden opportunity.

NOTE: Small portions of this story appeared in the author's previously published title, Accidental Foursome. This new book has been completely revised, rewritten and re-edited. A new cast of characters has been added. The storyline has been significantly changed, improved and greatly expanded with an addition of more than 60,000 words.

Image designed and copyrighted by Daisy Dexter Dobbs 2014 A NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: If you enjoyed DARLING SCARECROW I'd be truly delighted and appreciative if you left a review on Amazon or your favorite review site!

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