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Image designed and copyrighted by Daisy Dexter Dobbs 2014  EXERCISING HER OPTIONS (Greek Delights 1)

“…When Busty Baloo showed up I was giggling like a maniac. By the time Inga made her appearance I was being stared at because I was full on laughing out loud. …DDD truly gets the concept that revenge is a dish best served with chocolate.” review

“The writing, the humour and the sauciness were what kept me reading…Thanks Ms Daisy for writing a story that grabbed me and made me stay, so I could cheer the happy ending and snoopy dance over the revenge!” review

“…Another aspect that I enjoyed in this story was a scene with the older ladies. That was beautifully written and it touched my heart. I'm glad that Ms. Dexter Dobbs included them because it showcased that both Polly and Nick aren't just good looking on the outside, but they are beautiful on the inside too. And that's where it counts… There is an absolutely funny scene that came out of nowhere and surprised me so effectively, I couldn't stop laughing and giggling for a few minutes. I re-read the scene and laughed some more. That part embraces exactly what this story embodies – a reason to smile and love life and the ability to laugh at yourself.”
LAS reviewer

“…This has got to be one of the funniest romance novels I've read and I'm getting old so I've read a lot!” review

“I loved this book and had a blast reading it. … The characters were a lot of fun, the book made me laugh a lot, and was also very sexy. …(Polly's) antics had me laughing so hard that I got strange looks from my husband.” review

“…I read the original story, published many moons ago, and I LOVED this updated version, since so much more was in the story besides the steamy relationship between Polly and Nick. Great read.” review

“I have always loved Daisy Dexter Dobbs I first fell in love with Wednesdays Night's with Jamie. And by the looks of this series I will love Greek Delights.” review

“…I loved the fact that the heroine was far more relatable than most you find in romance novels. And the humor! There was rarely a time when I wasn't smiling as I read. …If you're looking for a romantic tale, a good laughing, and a story that draws you in and keeps you glued to the page, then I highly recommend this book!” review

Image designed and copyrighted by Daisy Dexter Dobbs 2014  CHOCOLATE GRATITUDE (Greek Delights 2)

“…The book, while a true lighthearted romance, also has a more serious side. The author manages to incorporate such topics as domestic abuse, the way we, as a society, tend to view our elders, and the self-esteem of the average sized woman without killing the humor or bogging down the story.” review

“…The development of the characters is great and the relationships they have with each other are sweet and genuine. The ladies from the retirement home were a blast. …” review

“…it was nice to see a return of Polly and Nick, while this book remained very much about Helen and George. …I loved the ladies from the retirement home, who help out Helen in her shop. They certainly bring a great balance to the story. Great read.” review

Image designed and copyrighted by Daisy Dexter Dobbs 2014  DARLING SCARECROW (Greek Delights 3)

“…Things as serious as date rape and as relevant as the plight of the arts in public schools were discussed without becoming "preachy" or overbearing. I would easily recommend this book (as well as the first two in the series) to anyone who enjoys contemporary romances with a heavy sprinkling of laughter.” review

“…Loved how they ended up together and how they handled the events along the way. Really enjoyed this fun read.” review

“…It's amazing what a man will do--and make a fool out of himself in the process--for love. I really enjoyed this story.” review

“…I love Daisy's writing, and these (Greek Delights) stories are well worth the read…” review

Image designed and copyrighted by Daisy Dexter Dobbs 2014  MARCHING HOME (Golden Times 1)

“…brought back so many memories of listening to my grandparents and their friends reminiscence about life back then. … like sitting down with a friend or relative and a cup of coffee, and listening as they told me about their one great love.” review

“…this romance will bring you to tears so get your Kleenex ready. Great descriptions of life back then ... the rationing, music and fashion of the Greatest Generation.” review

“…I was hooked from the very first page. …This was a story of love at first sight, true love and soul mates. I felt like I was in the 1940's as I read the story of their courtship. I loved reading about their time in Chicago at Christmas…” review

Image designed and copyrighted by Daisy Dexter Dobbs 2014  THE HAROLD ANGEL (Golden Times 2)

“…grabbed my heartstrings, pulled me in and wouldn't let me go. The magic of the Holidays…permeated this story that starts out with the harsh reality of one little boy's life in an abusive home, only to end with the enchanted, happy ending all such children deserve. I would highly recommend this book to anyone who loves Christmas and the warm feeling that comes with the season.” review

Image designed and copyrighted by Daisy Dexter Dobbs 2014  VIKING ON HER DOORSTEP (Curious Happenings 1)

Coming soon...

Image designed and copyrighted by Daisy Dexter Dobbs 2014  Ho Ho Uh-oh... (The Crazy Woman Inside Me 1)

"…after reading (Daisy's) fiction, it was a true joy to get a glimpse into the mind behind it.…I lost count of how many times I mentally shouted, "Yes!" at the relatable stories and humor. From the first essay to the last, I was smiling when I wasn't giggling." review

Image designed and copyrighted by Daisy Dexter Dobbs 2014  Hide! It's The Diet Police! (The Crazy Woman Inside Me 2)

Coming soon...

Image designed and copyrighted by Daisy Dexter Dobbs 2014 Praise for Daisy's Out of Print Books Image designed and copyrighted by Daisy Dexter Dobbs 2014

"...I found myself screaming with laughter at the twists and turns in this book. I was sorry to see the misadventures end."

"...Ms. Dobbs is a master at articulating heroines who aren't afraid to stand up for themselves and who find beauty in themselves."
--Fallen Angel Reviews

"This book made me laugh uproariously! Ms. Dobbs uses wit and humor to tell a story that is hysterically funny and yet poignant at the same time...I recommend this fine comedic tale..."
--Coffee Time Romance

"...the whole book was a delight. And the payback scene is a bloody scream! The best few quid I've spent in a long time."
--Emmy Ellis, author

"...Each adventure is funnier than the last. I laughed so hard while reading this book that my sides hurt."

"...a brilliant to add to the keeper collection... A true marvel..."
--Enchanted in Romance

"...a riot to read. ...a story you won't want to pass up. ...creative, humorous, sexy... ...will have you glued to the pages from beginning to end."
--Fallen Angel Reviews

"...remarkable and delightful. Sensual, yet hilarious and spontaneous... Ms. Dobbs is absolutely a treasure..."
--Romance Junkies

"...funny, sexy and refreshing. ...The sexual chemistry between the pair is potent and erotic. ...a fun read!"
--Joyfully Reviewed

"...very witty dialog. This story is just so happy; just great fun. "
--The Romance Studio

"...Loved it all and can't wait for another Daisy Dexter Dobbs book for where there's sex, passion and comedy you know it will be a winner with Daisy."
--Night Owl Romance - Reviewer Top Pick!

"...a great read. ...I loved all the secondary characters, all quirky and fun. ...her sense of humor appeals to me and I enjoyed this book very much."
--Fallen Angel Reviews

"...had me going from chuckling to out loud laughing throughout the entire book. Daisy Dexter Dobbs has a crazy sense of humor and I love that in an author. ...a great read..."
--Joyfully Reviewed

"Daisy Dexter Dobbs does it again! Her incredible humor and her realistic heroine take center stage in this tale... ...hilarious from start to finish. Full of her trademark witty dialogue and madcap situations, Daisy Dexter Dobbs has managed to pen another novel that will have you laughing out loud. ...once again cements Ms. Dobbs as a true genius when it comes to romantic comedy."
--Romance Junkies

"…a fun plot that's decidedly over-the-top …a fun non-stop action story that'll provide its readers for hours of fun and humorous romance."

"Daisy Dexter Dobbs brings two people together with a large slice of her usual humor...I really enjoyed this story!"

"...What an amazing reading experience this book has proven to be.  ...I loved the witty and funny banter between the main characters and could easily imagine what they were feeling. ...Ms. Dobbs has a fantastic sense of humor and amused me continually through the entire story. ...a special book that really deserves the Gold Star Award..."
--JERR - Gold Star Award!

"...Ms. Dobbs has done an excellent job... This is a great story. Too bad it's fiction!"

"...absolutely drew me in from page one. ...Totally naughty, downright sexy and extremely well written, I loved this book."
--Joyfully Reviewed

"...truly engaging characters. ...The romance between them is sensuous, romantic, and full of humor. ...A fun and sexy read."
--RRT Erotic

"I absolutely loved this book!... I laughed! I cried! ...5 stars! Can't wait to read more from this author!"
--Alternative Read

"...A twist at the end will surprise as everyone... ...the characters were well written and extremely likable. ...had me laughing out loud... ...I can't recommend it enough."
--Bitten by Books

"...hilarious. I love Daisy's work... This book was magic and the amount of research that went into it must have been phenomenal. Reading it was like taking a really fun history class... ...a perfect example of what a love story should be!"
--ParaNormal Romance Reviews

"...Daisy Dexter Dobbs has created another humorous, fanciful tale filled with real people and emotions."

"...a fabulous read. Sexy, sad, funny, thought provoking and smokin' hot. The situations the author thought up...had me laughing out loud. ...I really can't think of anything that could have possibly made it more entertaining. A true love story, full of laughs, tears..."
--Simply Romance Reviews - Outstanding Read!

"...Daisy does a truly amazing job of creating a story that was totally uplifting and entranced me with its uniqueness. Her superbly-written graphic depiction, dialogue, and characterization were endearing, emotional on various levels and utterly engrossing. ...The interaction between the characters was highly entertaining and often a great source of amusement."
--The Romance Studio

"...Ms. Dobbs has an incredible talent of making you laugh in surprised delight, swoon from decadent love scenes and cheer for the hero and heroine on their journey to their HEA. ...I was rolling on the floor. ...Daisy Dexter Dobbs rocks!"
--Whipped Cream Reviews

"...I had so much fun reading this... Daisy Dexter Dobbs has a hit on her hands... This is one read you will not want to pass up!"

"...What a perfect love story! Through the tears and Kleenex, smiles and excitement escalated toward the ending of the story! Ms. Dobbs is an incredible story teller!"
--The Romance Studio

"...I so loved these two together. Packed full of excitement and a couple of scenes that will pull at your heart, I have to recommend this one."
--Joyfully Reviewed

"Daisy Dexter Dobbs has done it again... ...a wonderful read; I gobbled it up and wanted more. I can't say enough about Daisy Dexter Dobbs..."
--Fallen Angels

"...the ending of this story was so beautiful I cried. This is a story with a lot of heart and is a true love story."

"...There has to be a sequel! ...Ms. Dobbs' books are always full of romance, celebrations of physical love with imagination and fun and an HEA worth looking forward to..."
--Whipped Cream Reviews

"...another hysterically funny read by Daisy Dexter Dobbs. ...hilarious and sweet and I enjoyed it."
--Joyfully Reviewed

"Daisy Dexter Dobbs writes romantic comedy that is so over the top that I can't help but laugh out loud while reading—usually shocking all of those around me. Her wit and ability to create clever and over the top situations is truly a gift. ...She always leaves me believing anything is possible. ...Ms. Dobbs makes falling in love fun..."
--Romance Junkies

"...I absolutely adored all the characters...and was sad to see it end. Ms. Dobbs expertly weaves fantasy, reality, and comedy into a world where you can't help but fall in love... absolutely great book... Bravo, Ms Dobbs. I can't recall a time when I've laughed, cried, and thoroughly enjoyed a book so much."

"Daisy Dexter Dobbs has a hit with this one. From the first page I was laughing my eyes off..."
--Night Owl Romance - Reviewer Top Pick!

"...a wonderfully entertaining story... The wildly romantic premise is a sentimental classic ...a real heartwarming treat!"
--The Romance Studio

" of the funniest and most touching stories I have read in some time. Just about the time readers stop the tears from rolling down their cheeks from the humor...they will be blown away with tears again from the sheer tenderness and compassion."
--Fallen Angels - 5 Angels and a Recommended Read!

"...amazing...I enjoyed it immensely. ...absolutely fun to read... Daisy Dexter Dobbs is an exceptional writer, employing an astounding mix of romance, eroticism and comedy. See her name on a book and you know you're in for an exciting fun-filled romp of a story."
--Romance Junkies

"Daisy Dexter Dobbs has written a wildly funny tale... ...wrapped in humor, this novel is imaginative and entertaining. "
--A Romance Review

" entertaining and amusing story that should not be missed."
--Coffee Time Romance

"...impossible not to giggle over. The heroine seems to get into one scrape, only to fall right into the middle of another."
--Love Romances

"...Ms. Dobbs has outdone herself... This is a must read for everyone."
--Romance Junkies

"...a laugh-out-loud book! ...a series of madcap mishaps, for which Ms. Dobbs is famous..."

"...full of humor, fun and sex. I've always loved the way Ms. Dobbs mixes humor with her stories..."
--Joyfully Reviewed

"...this one is terrific. Ms. Dobbs has a knack for adding wit and humor to a tale that is totally natural and utterly enchanting."
--Coffee Time Romance

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