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I was hired by Crytek Studios in 1999 as a Level Designer for an FPS titled Engalus. Within 5 months I was promoted to Lead Designer and lead a virtual team of artists and designers in the creation of a tech demo that would ultimately contribute to Crytek landing a development deal with Ubisoft.

Engalus Technology Demo
This demo was completed in the summer of 2000 and shown by Crytek privately at E3 and publically by nVidia at ECTS. It is essentially a short demonstration of the power of Crytek's in house technology as well as the style of the Engalus game.

Demo Installer

Engalus Documents
Engalus was to be a very story-centric FPS with role-playing elements, similar to Deus Ex and as such documents needed to be created in order to present this story to the rest of the team, a task that as Lead Designer, fell to me.

Story Synopsis | Engalus Script

Engalus Deus Ex Mod
Since I never got the chance to at Crytek I decided on my own to implement some of the game play that we had planned for Engalus using Deus Ex. The result is a mod that encompasses much of the second act of the Engalus storyline complete with original dialog, textures, unique levels, and extensive event scripting.

Mod File | Mission Doc | Instructions

(please refer to the instruction in order to load the mod after installing)

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