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I saw the release of Half-Life as an opportunity to get in on the ground floor of a new game design community and almost immediately after it's release began making objects, levels, and other content using the Half-Life engine.

Mountain Escape
This was a Half-Life level designed several years ago for my portfolio that demonstrates several different styles of game play across a variety of locations. In total the level took about 3 weeks to build.

Mountain Escape Level

This was a Team Fortress 1.5 map where the object is not to capture the enemy's flag, but to gain access to their computer room and lay waste to it. The map took about 2 weeks to build.

Reservoir Map

Background Radiation
It was as this site that I hosted various prefab objects to be used by map makers. The site would eventually end up hosting everything from simple objects to complex scripted sequences.

Background Radiation Site

Persistence of Vision
Unlike previous games, Half-Life afforded one the ability to script both actors and cameras in the game engine in order to create cinematic events. Persistence of Vision was a site dedicated to the creation of such in game movies.

Persistence of Vision Site

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