Instructions: In order to play the mission first download it then extract the contents.

If you have the Deus Ex SDK installed
Open UnrealEd for Deus Ex, open the map named 16_Intro.dx and hit CTRL-P to play it.

If you don't have the Deus Ex SDK installed:
1. Download the multiplayer patch from If you have Deus Ex Game of the Year Edition this should not be necessary.

2. Go into Deus Ex and view the keyboard/mouse controls, at the bottom of the list will be a button bound to "Send Message to All" bind this to a key you can remember like T.

3. On the title screen press T (the button you bound), back space to remove "Say", and in its place type:

set JCDentonMale bCheatsEnabled True

No confirmation message will appear but if you did it right cheats will then be enabled.

4. Press T again, delete "Say" and type : legend

A secret menu will appear with an option to load a map. Click that button and select : 16_Intro.dx from the list to start the mission playing.